Friday, October 12, 2007


I know that is a wild title, but I actually had salad at dinner..It was awesome, tasted so good and was made by a dear mom who just whipped up a dinner for us yesterday and had sent it home with my hubby..God You are so amazing...the day I find out I can have salad, is the day I had one pre-made in my fridg!

We went to the Dr today and no chemo for me because I am fighting off a cold and the chemo would have made it worse. I was disappointed but have learned to take these times as God's timing for me and my body. Anyhow, I had spoke to the nurse as we left and I was telling her how I was craving salad...before we had chemo going, the nurse gave us this class and salad was a big no-no because of the bacteria that could be on the leaves. Didn't matter if it was organic or not, bacteria could still be lurking to devastate my already weakened immune I hadn't had salad since August 7, the day before my first treatment. The nurse went back and asked my Dr and she said my white blood cells counts were good enough for salad and I could eat it as much as I wanted!! Thank You Lord..

This week has been one of God just blessing our socks off. Sunday I got a package from a friend, with clothes, assorted other trinkets, like Gwen Frostic note cards, with birds on them(I am a bird freak) ,blueberry jam and this really cool twig basket holding it all. It was like professionally arranged! Then Monday, this family came with meat for us..they couldn't eat it all so they brought us about 35-40 pounds of beef! We haven't had that much meat in our freezer in a very long time...I cried when I took inventory the next day..Tuesday came and piano lessons, a trip to the library and then time in the woods for me..God brought along a 3 year old doe, with her Mom, who was HUGE but she knew something wasn't quite right and never came broadside to give me a shot. She was quite comical and made me smile and outright laugh a few times. I could've shot the younger one several times but I won't do that--they are too young and beautiful. Here in MI during archery season you can get a doe. I know lots of people reading this think it awful, but you are entitled to your opinion! I do not like killing things but I love the challenge, the time outside and the entertainment these critters provide. And I am not a vegetarian, so meat is good. What I really want is to get a buck with my bow. That is my dream. I sit on the ground too, and these deer were about 20 yards away...
Wednesday came and so did lots of company...A couple came and brought lunch for us and he watched Tim pound steel which he bought for his own knifemaking. The mailbox had a package from ladies at our former church, with this beautiful wall hanging with a basket of flowers sewn on it. It included a card a bunch of them had signed and it made me cry.. such dear women..Thursday night brought a dinner and that incredible salad home with Tim. Friday brought the no chemo day, lunch with my husband and mail that was so incredibly encouraging; a letter from a college freshman, more notes from ladies in my former church and a book by Deanna Farve(rhymes with starve) "Don't Bet Against Me! Yes, she is the wife of the famous Green Bay Packer guy, Brett. She was diagnosed in 2004 and had the same drugs I just did, plus radiation. Her story is the most informative, amazing one I have read SO FAR, and I have read many publications, etc. It is like hearing someone's story who has walked down the same road you have and hearing they faced the same challenges and heartache and struggle with the same fear and they ARE OK now. It isn't just her story but it is packed full of info like how to conduct a breast exam in detail only a woman could write, it has a letter from her teenage daughter to other kids in families whose Mom's are going through it, and letters from other Moms just like me telling of their struggles. I cried buckets already and am almost 1/2 way through!

If you know anyone who is battling breast cancer, I highly rx this book. You can get it online at her site It is full of hope, which many of the other ones I've read lack. She is also a strong Christian and doesn't leave that element out either.
The book is Deanna Favre, Don't Bet Against Me!

Next Chemo date is October 19th. Mom and I go to Mackinaw Island for Winsome Women retreat from Wed to Thursday(17-18)) Pray we will hear what God wants to tell us and come home refreshed. I guess another good thing about this being moved is that I won't be scheduled for chemo on Nathan's birthday, the 26th.

Another blessing this week is that Tim and I have been able to spend a lot of time together...God knew I needed him in my life! He tells me every single day, time and time again, how beautiful I am and he really, truly means it. He prays with me when I am frightened and what iffing (my new word) and his strong arms at night provide the refuge I so desperately need.. He is such a source of strength for me.

To sum up this week I would say one word: lavish. God's love for me is so lavish and incredible and overwhelming.. I sat down to read His precious Word the other morning and just is hard to describe what I am trying to say..

His presence really brings fulness of joy and that is just what I have been experiencing this week.

Thank you Father, for loving me so lavishly...thank you for encouraging my heart when I so desperately needed it this week as I faced a new chemo drug and new fears..

Thank you, my dear friends for praying..I could not face any of this without the power of prayer.

My socks have been blessed off!


Sarah said...

WOW!! What a week you've had!Part of the blessing is that you recognize it as blessing. Who will be speaking at the retreat? I know you will be blessed. Several of my friends have gone in the past. Someday - - . Looking forward to Nathan's birthday. Love to all, Mom ;^)

Daddy Dylangrr said...

As a trained wildlife biologist I never liked the focus on the game side of the profession. Goals of maximizing the deer population without regard to the whole ecosystem always seem short sighted and far from holistic ecology. Judging from your reflections, and knowing who you are, you are the type of hunter that brings my heart joy because you understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of God's creation. So keep being who you are without apology.
Besides, we need hunters in Michigan because we are the only predator left in the ecosystem.

We've done a pretty good job of ridding ourselves of the competition, namely pumas (cougars, mountain lions, panthers) and wolves. For those who do have problems with hunting, one harsh winter with an overpopulated deer herd should be enough to show the real cruelty - mass starvation. So until we can figure out a way to reestablish the other natural predators of the deers, it is up to us bipeds (and the occasional four-wheeler or 18-wheeler) to maintain the equilibrium of the deer population.

So as a non-hunter, I want to thank you and Tim for being eco-citizens. We need hunters, especially those who view their role holistically, i.e. not just looking for the trophy - but appreciative of the venison too.

But alas, here I have turned your blog, into a dialogue about hunting when it should be about you (which I am sure you would say it should be about Jesus!!). And speaking of him, think about all the people that got fed when he told the disciples to go a little further out ... the nets started ripping there were so many fish!! Now, that story isn't the one about his feeding the 4,000 nor the 5,000. But we know that there was a crowd on the shore. We also know that the disciples left their nets and catch to follow Jesus. Jehovah Jirah wouldn't have left those fish there to rot ... this was another miraculous provision embedded in the story. Fishing is essentially hunting too. And that is what we are called to be.