Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brain fade/tournament fun

WOW! Saturday we had quite an experience as a family. The children and I have been in Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of Karate, for a little over a year now.
We had our first ever tournament and it was very interesting!!
Teresa took first place in her form.
Rachel took 4th place in her form.
Hannah took 2nd place in her form.
Nathan took 1st place in his one steps- self defense techniques he performed on his sister Hannah.
I took 4th place in my form--I had to compete against Hannah...humbling yes.
The funny thing is I knew it Friday in class. I had it down, did it in front of class and did it well. The not so funny thing is I absolutely had brain fade half way through my form and could not for the life of me remember what came next...for about 10 seconds, it was all a big blank...I managed to pull it together and finish but not enough to beat my daughter, who did her form great! A form is just a series of moves on the floor, but you have to perform them with power and correctly! As you progress in belt levels they get harder. Hannah and I actually performed the form for our next belt, green with stripe.

The picture of Nathan and Teresa is priceless I think! My two first place kids!
Rachel and I had a bond with 4th place..she kind of bobbled her form too..and she had it down in class, just like me!

There is a huge national tournament in April in Grayling..I am thankful we all had a chance for this experience because now we know what competing is like.

Hopefully I'll have my brain back by then!

I am feeling stronger. Been walking as much as I can. Been trying not to eat everything in sight..I have put on weight--I can say some of it is drug induced but not all. I put the food in my mouth, not the meds.

This week brings a flurry of activity from me getting this homemade Christmas rolling...can't say what "it" is for the kids but they will like "it."

Pray that I will walk by faith , believing God's Word when it says, "Do not fear..."

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

Too wierd! I posted a long comment late last night, I thought. Anyway, its gone! So - -
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome job everyone! I had just posted the last one where I said I was selfish, and then there was the new one! I would like to come to the compition in Grayling, if I can. Love and Blessings to all, Mom ;-)

Sarah said...

guess I can't spell. compitition
Love again, Mom

Linda said...

Congratulations to all of you!! WOOOWEEE! You guys did great! I'm impressed!

Hey there, big sister! I'm gonna getcha for your spelling: it's weird/competition--neiner, neiner, neiner! Oh well, I can spell, most of the time, but I sure can't knit!

love to everyone! Linda