Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He Has Risen!

"But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Thy works."
Ps. 73:28

Easter Sunday...we went to church together, ate a meal together and relaxed together. Nathan had to go to work in the afternoon. Mom and I sat by the fire and I sang from the hymnal. I love the songs about the resurrection!
We had a very relaxing day.

Monday was the LAST radiation treatment!! The girls all came; Teresa and Rachel had never seen what goes on, so Daddy explained stuff to them and when it was all over, they all came in and gave me a hug..it was awesome. I miss the staff there already. What an incredible, compassionate group of people God gave me. My skin is doing alright. It's a little itchy and sore, but nothing terrible. I am grateful.

Today we saw our oncologist. My blood work came back good. The CA marker tests they do now for breast cancer patients came back within normal ranges.(that's good) If there is a tumor, it secretes enzymes that can be picked up in this blood test.(non medical person's description) I have been having some pretty severe pain where my pancreas is, so she ordered a ultrasound for me. She said I may have a gall bladder stone that has worked its way down into my pancreas duct or something like that. It hurts right now....anyhow, the ultrasound will tell the tale. I also asked her if I had ever had a scan to see inside my brain...I have had CAT scans, a bone scan and a PET scan, but none involving my head. So she asked me if I wanted an MRI just to make sure..I said yes. I'm not anticipating anything bad, but the peace of mind would be worth being stuck in a tight tube for a little while! My Dr is an awesome lady! I really, truly appreciate her.

I feel relieved after today and so very grateful...I cannot explain how grateful I am.
I have been through so much for the last 8 months...my body is amazing, but it is so very tired..I am absolutely worn out. The most difficult thing for me right now is pacing myself and being ok with the new normal. I am not back in the saddle by any stretch.
Dr G told me I would be real tired for the next month or so and then my strength would start to come back..It is hard to know what to expect right now, so hearing her say that, gave me hope.

Monday I get an ultrasound of my abdomen, then two hours later, an MRI of my brain. (that sounds so weird!) After that, I am planning to stay away from the hospital for as long as the Lord permits!!

On a lighter note: pink and blue collided today! Yesterday, Tim(blue) made these stencils to put words on his razors he is making.(like blah blah, number 1 out of 22) He got all this jazz set up in our bathroom and turned it into a darkroom of sorts..it was crazy.I called him the mad scientist. I don't know how it all works but he was elated with these little, blue, papery stencils he made. This morning I(pink) was doing the typical mommy thing and cleaning up the kitchen. The counter had some paper towels folded into 1/4's on it, so I pitched them. Innocent enough right? Tim comes in later and asks where the paper towels were that he had set on the counter..the stencils were in them...

After I fished them out of the trash, he determined they were ruined...
I felt so awful...I threw away 2 hours of bathroom laboratory work!
A sincere apology and a good kiss made it better.
He didn't rant and rave and make me feel badly. Guys, if your wife does something like this, don't berate her! Love her! God gave me such an amazing guy...What an example for my daughters to see their Daddy tell me it was ok and not make a big, hairy deal out of it..

You can bet your bippy I will check any more paper towels on the counter before I throw them out!
Maybe his should be blue.

He is faithful,


waitingfaithfully said...

I caught Ame earlier tonight as she was walking in the door . . . she hadn't talked to you yet, but relayed Taryn's message of
Praising Him for wonderful news!!! Praying for returning strength in the days ahead, and for A-Okay results from the remaining tests. I must say in the case of the "tossed paper towels" I would have done the same counter clearing trick you did. Maybe some neon Post-its would help Tim mark his paper towel treasures, and save them from the "counter clearing Mom machine"!


Kristine said...

Praise His glorious name!! Your "graduation" from radiation is exciting. We're praying for quick renewal of enough energy to feel much, much better! We love you!

The Dohse Gang :)