Monday, March 31, 2008


Drugs can be helpful and they can be downright obnoxious. I cannot sleep thanks to 150 mgs of prednisone over the last 24 hours. MRI brain scans use dye for contrast, so I needed it to prevent a reaction. Of course, not everyone needs this, only the sensitive ones like yours truly.
God was present in a very real way today. The ultrasound was a breeze. I didn't have to drink 10 gallons of water like they made me do when I was pregnant! The tech was a chatterbox and we hit children, landscaping, lilacs, spring and tulips all in a matter of minutes.
Then I had the MRI.
I was told this was a "new and improved" machine. That means it costs more.
It was SO loud I could barely stand it, even with ear phones on. I felt like I was in the middle of some sci-fi movie with the weird noises it coughed out. At one point, I felt like I was on a massage table that had gone bezurk! I toddled out of that room, shaken by all the noise and vibration.
What a trip! The tech did assure me I have a brain, which I had told one of my friends lately, I thought was cotton candy.
As I lay there, I quoted Psalm 91..over and over and over. You know how you can't hear yourself think? I was practically shouting! I especially focused on the part of how God says "He will cover me with His pinions and underneath His wings, I will find refuge."
I kept using that as a mental image, me underneath His wings, safe and secure, despite the havoc around me!
"And He will give His angels charge concerning you , to guard you in all your ways.."
I thought of His mighty servants, there with me, guarding me.. It sure did help bring me through a rattling time!

God sustained me today with His strength. Mom had her procedure today, so I drove home, after mine, was there maybe 10 minutes and drove her to her appointment. We are thankful her test results came out so well; she just needs lots of fiber! She had made us some beef stew the day before, and Hannah had gotten it in the crock pot..
It was awesome and warm and tasty, and I didn't have to be concerned about dinner after a long, long day.

God saw to it to take care of me today. He saw to it that we had food for dinner, He saw to it that I had comfort during a yucky test, He saw to it that my children were taken care of today and He saw to it that I had comfort and grace when I needed it most. And He saw to it that Mom's test came out alright.
I learned in church yesterday the saw to it phrase.
Remember when Abraham was just about ready to sacrifice Isaac? Then God provided the ram in the thicket, caught by his horns? Abraham then sacrificed the ram and called that place "Jehovah-jireh" which means, " the Lord will see to it." I have always heard the Lord will provide but I like this meaning because it has a intimacy about it I have witnessed today and many others.
He is overseeing my life, my days and seeing to it that I am provided with just what I need, just exactly when I need it. I could have said He provided us a meal tonight, but when I say He saw to it, I feel loved and taken care of. Not that I didn't when I would use the word provided, it just has different connotations.
God saw to it and provided Abraham with a four legged sacrifice exactly when Abraham needed it.
That God is the SAME ONE I love and serve and that is exciting! It makes me want to dance on top of that big old hill tomorrow!

I just might after I get some sleep.

He is so very faithful,

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Waitingfaithfully said...

"He saw to it"! Thank you friend, I'm holding on to that. Praying for you as you wait . . .



Thank you for your sweet words on my blog!