Sunday, June 22, 2008

42 Miles!!

3 hours and 45 minutes. 42 miles. $335 dollars
raised! We were in the top 10 of highest funds
raised--and I do not think I've got them all in yet.
The first portion of the course was HILLY and HARD but we did it.
We stood out like a couple of sillies because we had a) fenders b)Tim had a mud flap on his front tire(rain was forecast) c) we didn't have spandex on d) our pedals didn't clip on our shoes (we wore sneakers) I think we were the only ones on the ferry with T-shirts..
I was so glad to be done! My legs ached and screamed at me to stop, but we persevered. We chugged while everyone else raced.
The weather was beautiful and Lake Michigan sparkled like the jewel that it is. God was with us every single stroke of our legs. The pizza at the end of the ride tasted wonderful!!
We have been bit by the cycling bug. We decided tonight on our date that instead of doing the DALMAC in late August, the ride that goes from Lansing to Mackinaw City, we are going to use the money we budgeted and go on a couple long rides around here and spend the nights in hotels.
Yesterday was good in that it helped me see my left knee cannot handle the intensity of long, grueling rides, without a considerable amount of was pretty swollen last night and I iced it and iced it some is better today but still very, very sore.
Maybe next year I can be more ready for a long, 5 day ride like the DALMAC, but this year, it is being replaced by slow, steady rides, with emphasis on relaxing and fun.
Tim and I had so much fun yesterday. I loved being with him. Thank you for all who prayed for us yesterday--it was a success!!!

Oncology update. My blood work, what little I got back in one hour, was normal. We talked about the various, yucky side effects I have been experiencing on the Arimidex...she decided to have me go off it for 3 weeks, then jump back on it again, hopefully this time around dodging the nasty side effects. Next appointment, September 25th. And no, I get to keep my port. I think I was more bummed about that than anything else after we left her office. The reason is simply, during the first two years, is the highest recurrence rate for ladies like me, with stage 3A breast cancer...which seems contradictory to the 74.9% chance I have to be around in 10 years if I do everything--chemo, radiation, HRT. If the "chance" is indeed that high and positive sounding, why not get the dumb thing out of my body???????

That was last Tuesday. I can think now. No fog in my head. I can sleep- through the night. The hot flashes are sparks. I have energy. I feel close to normal. So I can tell the dumb stuff affects me SIGNIFICANTLY. Even the kids have noticed the difference!

So please pray, that when I DO go back on it, like on July 8th, it won't be so bad. To be honest, I can see why lots of women, just like me, go off of it. If I knew there was a guarantee I would be cancer free at the end of the 5+ years they want me on it, I would persevere. Please pray I won't become discouraged. I

Thanks. Rachel came home with a plaque she made at camp. It simply says, Prayer Changes Things.

That is the cry of my heart.

He is faithful,

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Wow!! You go "Strong (and beautiful) Biking Bonnie"! Spandex or no, I am waaaaaaaaay impressed, and proud of you, and Tim too!

Happy to hear that your blood work came back normal, and that you are enjoying a reprieve from the nasty side effects of your Armidex. Sorry you had to keep your port.

Praying for you as you PERSERVERE! Prayer indeed changes things!

He IS faithful!