Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Octobers..

28 years ago, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. 22 years ago, my Dad died of lymphoma. 20 years ago, my son was laid upon my breast, looking intently around, finally fixing his new eyes on me..9 years ago, I was rushed to the hospital because I started bleeding uncontrollably..Teresa was just one month old. I had an emergency hysterectomy to save my life. I was 38.
October has been a watershed month for me! The theme throughout is faithfulness..the tenacious faithfulness of God, who remained by my side as I received His Son, who grieved by my side as I watched the Dr shake his head, to indicate my earthly daddy was no longer here, who rejoiced with me as my firstborn son was here and who breathed life into me as I had surgery..

God is faithful.

He loves you.

I have to leave--we are headed to FLORIDA for 2 weeks!!! Please pray for strength, safety and fun.....

Love you all,

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Dear friend,

I have been following along, but am far behind on my commenting. . .

So here is my comment . . . brought to you today by the letter "X"!

As I was pondering your "X Marks the Spot" post the other morning (in the shower) I was thinking on how we tend to have a fondness for certain letters of the alphabet--or maybe that's just me. For instance my whole family, up until a few months ago, had either the initials TMW or BEW so I tend to be drawn towards "T"s and "B"s. Then we added Teddi, whose initials are TFXW, yes Teddi FX! Suddenly with our little Xiao Xaio home, "X" had a new meaning. I grew fond of "X"! Yep, "X"! As I was thinking about all of this I was reminded of how we also use the letter "X" to represent a kiss! All that to say this . . .

I have been praying that your new "X" drug would be as pleasant to your body as a kiss. Just as a kiss from someone you love nourishes your soul and makes your heart smile, I pray that this new drug would bring only good things to your body. Healing. Strength. Protection. Lord I pray that it might be so, and I pray that daily, Bonnie would feel the kiss of her heavenly Father upon her healed body! In Jesus name, Amen

October blessings to you my friend. Have a wonderful time in Florida. Thank you once again for sharing your heart.