Sunday, April 5, 2009


Can you believe my alma mater is in the FINAL game of the NCAA championship and I do not have a TV to watch it on???? My Mom's TV will not get the channel it is being broadcast on!!! I can watch it online, but it like, loads funny, people go up for a shot and then the picture freezes...I did that when they played Kansas last weekend..not fun.
I guess this is the consequence of not having broadcast TV in your home! What a price to pay!!!!

We drove through MSU Thursday. Tim and I took Rachel down to her pediatric endrocrinologist in Grand Rapids. She is a hypothyroid girl, has to take synthroid for the rest of her little life, unless God heals her. I knew it was going to be an ok appointment when my husband and this Dr start talking razors, then he writes down Tim's website on the back of one of his business cards. THEN they started talking airplanes because the guy is also a pilot. That happened at the end of the visit, so the girls and I checked out, while the men talked planes. I am used to it by now, after 25 years of being married to a maverick.

I know I said Grand Rapids---we drove to Lansing from there, Tim wanted to play with banjos at Elderly Music in downtown Lansing. We hit MSU first and had ice cream at the dairy. YUM! We drove by Sparty donning his white tshirt with MSU 1 --showed the girls the stadium, and Holden Hall, where I asked Jesus Christ to be my Saviour in 1980. It was fun. I wish we had more time to walk around. Maybe we will go down in the spring when all the magnolia trees blossom. Who knows? We didn't even really have time to see our friends Doc and Jan maybe we will have to make a trip in the spring. If it ever comes.

Hannah met with an Air Force recruiter guy person who wanted her to join on the spot Thursday.(we knew about the meeting too) Yes, my daughter wants to fly airplanes! Imagine that! She took some test and did really well--ha to those of you who poo poo homeschoolers!!--and he said she would have no problem "getting in" with that and her ACT score. She is pretty excited but plans on staying here her first year of college and then maybe ROTC?? We are still very much in the "God give us wisdom" stage. My mother's heart is already aching...but that's ok. I'll be alright. Babies must leave the nest after all.

Our home is clean, the yard is not. We got half the front yard raked last weekend and then promptly received 6 inches of white stuff!! We are preparing for our Passover Seder here this Thursday. This will be our 17th year of being in or holding our own seder. Time flies huh?
I am simply grateful to BE HERE to participate. Thank You Lord.

Tamoxifen still stinks. Tim sometimes asks me if I doubled up on my dose because I am so grumpy...I need a rubber room for when he plays his banjo or maybe he needs to go in one? It drives me crazy....he even puts a rag under the strings, which personally I believe makes it WORSE, but I am thankful he is playing again. He is very talented and I really do love having music in my home. It's just his banjo does not have a volume knob like the piano.

We had our 2 minute wall squats Friday for our black belt testing. We had to lean against a wall, squat down till we hit a 90 degree angle and hold it, plus we had to place coins on top of our legs and not let them fall. I did it!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks God!! Teresa, Nathan and Rachel passed too!!
By the end of May we are going to do 100 jumping jacks in 1 minute, 100 push ups (ha) and 100 sit ups(piece of cake) and run 2 miles in under 20 minutes. The push ups and the sit ups aren't timed thank goodness...

I am not certain my knee will be able to take the running bit...we are going to start hitting the local outdoor track M-W-F. I want to SO BADLY but arthritis does have it's limitations...If you could pray my knee would hold out that would be great. Fortunately, if I don't do the running I can still pass if I do well in forms and techniques. We'll see how it goes this week. I may have to let it go..

Steve goes for chemo #2 on Tuesday. Thankfully, his work is being very compassionate and he now gets Tuesday and Wednesday off, every week he is having chemo. Thanks for your prayers. They really do help..last I talked to him, he was hopeful. That is a result of your prayers and Steve choosing to believe the Word of God.

Please keep praying!

He is faithful,

GO Michigan State!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Very informative post! Didn't know about Rachel. I'm wondering about ArmorThyroid instead of the synthroid?? Might ask.

Brenda suggests ear plugs for Bonnie. You might be able to enjoy the music without the added "brain frustration" while Tim practices. I'm glad he's playing, too!!

Inspite of being a U of M fan, Brenda says, "GO STATE!!!"
I think all of Michigan will be State fans this week!

Glad you had a nice trip on Thurs.

Love to all, Mom

Bonnie said...

Mom I did check on armour and he said it isn't for everyone. It supplies T3 AND T4 and it is made of dessicated(chopped up) cow thyroid!!!! yuck! The way he explained it was that it is not a matter of your body recognizing it or not, it is a matter of giving your body the T3 and T4 levels it needs. Your body can covert T3 into T4 anyhow, but he did state that some people may do better on the armor. (simply because they need the T4 levels)
Chopped up cow thyroid? YUCK!!
So to be brief, it isn't a matter of how your body receives/recognizes it, it is a matter of what your body requires. If that makes any sense at all..
we did ask though!!
Maybe in this case, natural isn't better??

Arthur Sido said...

hey if you are in Lansing again, let us know. we are in Okemos just a couple of minutes from campus.