Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am an athlete. An older one. I love basketball, fast pitch softball, running, walking and Tang Soo Do(korean martial arts)
Part of what has helped me through all the breast cancer diagnosis is to stay active. On narfy days, I would make myself walk, if only down to the corner and back. I also stayed with the Tang Soo Do and that helped me have an outlet for my anger and frustration.I would imagine an ugly cancer cell in front of me, and I would punch it with all I had!! Going to class every Friday morning also gave me something to look forward to. It helped my mind concentrate, and my body stay active. My instructor said he liked having a bald person in class...

But Pilates? I admit, I had some pretty weird notions about twiggy type women, who ate hummus and contorted themselves into mind boggling positions! When the opportunity came to join a pilates pilot program specifically for breast cancer patients, I was eager, but skeptical.
I am no twiggy but I like hummus you know??

It is called the Pink Ribbon Program. Have you had breast cancer? You need to check it out!!

In class I learned movements that helped me regain strength and mobility in my arm, especially my left arm.(even though I'm 3 years past it) My instructors got certified to teach this program, and they followed the booklet I now own. We were shown how to do all the exercises in the booklet, how to breath properly (I hadn't been!) and when the 30 minute session was over, I felt refreshed and well, twiggy-er!! I went twice a week for 8 weeks and it was FREE! Now I feel confident I can do the exercises on my own. I want to incorporate them into my daily life because they made me feel so much better. The instructors were compassionate, funny, kind, and possessed a keen xray kind of vision. Across the room I'd hear, "Bonnie, get your shoulders out of your ears!!" Huh? I'm just tryin' to exhale and inhale at the right time!! How on earth did she notice that?????

The official word on the front of the book is this: A Pilates-based Recovery Program
developed by a survivor for survivors to help regain mobility and improve quality of life.

Their website: www.pinkribbonprogram.com

The lady who developed it actually found out she had breast cancer about half way through her writing of the program.. she knows first hand how much it helps.

Yesterday a news gal came to the pilates studio where we all gathered for our "reunion." She interviewed a few of the survivors and then the ladies who run and own the studio. I was nervous--but after you've had cancer, been bald, and now sport a flat chest, how bad can it be??

This program will help you tremendously! Cancer makes you feel out of control in many situations--here is a huge way to be actively enhancing your life after cancer!


Check it out and then spread the news!!

He is faithful,
Bonnie, the non twiggy but Pilates loving, hummus eatin, breast cancer survivor

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