Thursday, July 4, 2013

Me, me, me

The little index shaped box comes to our dinner table, car, restaurants, even into our beds.. It beckons of instant self gratification, "likes", shares and messaging..
I have gotten caught in this web and what I have discovered is that I become very
Self aware. Absorbed. Life as I used to live, well, it becomes about ME.

A few days ago, I had to free myself from this net. For a while. I need a fresh view of living..

I've discovered I'm not thinking
About what someone who I do not know said to some ..I do know in a "thread."
..thinking "did I just offend someone?"
"is that what so-n-so meant?
Or entire evenings whittled away by a knife called (insert current social media hubabaloo)

Last night I was running outside to catch a view of the orange orb sun, slipping through the trees--
And hauling the hose to my thirsty flowers and hearing the hummingbird whiz past my head!

if I could see a meter, like the one attached to my home, that measures this social media usage like it measures electricity ---wow.

In real living, I can see the italics..I can read the body language and hear the heavy sighs.
On the world wide web, most of the time, I

Yes there are exceptions- posts that challenge, encourage and build me up.
But for some reason I am still trying to decipher,
I would rather read recipes, political rants and memes that have links with filthy
Swear words..
This is why I unplugged my social media cord. Permanently? Time will tell.

I know this doesn't flow well.
Random thoughts typed on an "I" phone rarely, for me anyhow, seem coherent.

Be blessed this Independence day!

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