Thursday, September 13, 2007


Yesterday was tough. I wasn't able to have my third chemo because I had mentioned to the Dr I was short of breath...I think it is asthma related and that my red blood cell count was down just a little(but still in the normal range). She is concerned about something more ominous, like blood clots in my lungs...
So today I am getting ramped up on prednisone to prepared for my CAT scan at 4:30. I have to be premedicated because I have an allergy to the dye they inject for contrast. Bummer.
If all goes well and the test is negative, then I "get" chemo tomorrow at 1pm. I am pretty certain it is my asthma, and if that is true, the prednisone will clear it right up. I hate taking that stuff though. It tastes absolutely horrible...and it makes you so hyped up..I should get a lot done when I get home today!

God has been blessing us in many ways though. Our pastor and his wife showed up last night, to deliver a women's Bible study guide and they visited for a while and then prayed for us. That meant so much. My Mom took the girls shopping yesterday and bought us a bunch of groceries. The cupboards were getting bare..the money we received for razors all had places to but there were some other big expenses I won't get into. Praise God we had the money for these other things, but it left us with some space in our fridg. I am not complaining honest. We have been MUCH leaner in past times and been just fine. Mom and the girls had fun and despite Teresa's many attempts to get some goodies in the cart, Mom only gave in on one little package of donuts. Yes, that means Mom is doing much, much better! She is getting around quite well on that new knee of hers and it is flexing more and more. She is voluntering for the local pregnancy resource center and loving that. She is an awesome lady my Mom and I love her dearly. I love having her here, in our back yard.

I got to see a chubby cheeked little baby yesterday too--he has the bluest eyes with red hair and the sweetest complexion. Seeing babies brings a joy to my heart I can't quite explain.

Then last night, I had some kids from Hannah's youth group call me, on one of their cell phones to pray for me. It was awesome! They were all praying at the same time, for healing, for strength and for joy. I could hear my daughter amidst all the voices and wow--what a blessing that was!! They prayed for about 10 minutes for me..

So even though my chemo was delayed, God revealed Himself through the rest of the day. You may think it is coincidence, but my God isn't random. He is purposeful and relentless in His pursuit of me. He longs to show Himself to us each and every day.

Pray for us tomorrow at 1pm. Pray the anti nausea drugs work this time. Oh, and another thing God showed us yesterday is that the drug company that makes the Neulasta, the red blood cell booster, was able to give us the rest of my doses at NO COST!!!!!!
Remember, these are the injections that cost $3,450 each.

Isn't my God awesome??
Love you all,

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Sarah said...

We don't always understand the reason for things, but we can trust in the promise in Romans 8:28, "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose." We know for sure, without a doubt, that you love God! Be bold, be strong, for the Lord thy God is with thee! I"m going to Camp Barakel Fri. to Sun. Love and prayers!! Mom :^)