Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Rock

"On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand."
The girls and I were at our favorite place today, the Thorne Swift nature preserve. It has this huge rock you can crawl out on and sit. All 4 of us fit quite comfortably on it, and the view was lovely. The water temperature was warm. I started singing this chorus of a hymn and it reminded me of another time..Tim and I sat in that very place, back in May, right before my mastectomy. We were both afraid of all the unknowns ahead of us--the surgery, how I would handle the anesthesia, if there was more cancer lurking elsewhere, how the kids would take it all, etc etc. Many of those unknowns are behind us now. Sitting on that rock gave us both a methaphor of our God, the ultimate Rock. He certainly has been and I know from His character, he still will be in the days to come.

I shot my bow tonight. Not a very great shot of my backside... That was the first shot and it went right where I wanted it to--right into the heart of my dummy deer target! Isn't that awesome?!

The girls and I had a good time at Thorne Swift. We saw a grouse and a toad. Not super exciting but just being together was the exciting part.
Last night, Tim and I went to our favorite place, The Crooked River Lodge. He thought we were going to a movie and instead of turning left, I turned right. He says, "Aren't we supposed to go that way?" I said, "Nope, just sit there and don't ask questions!" I was driving. I kidnapped him and it was a restful, peaceful time. You could see the river from our bed. We slept in till 9 this am, then ate a little and went back to bed and didn't wake until 11:00!! They gave us an extra hour to stay, which was real nice. The owner's husband died a year and a half ago from cancer, and she knows us, so they bent over backwards to make sure we had a quiet, peaceful stay. We even got a room at the end of the hall, so all the soccer kids wouldn't keep us up. We felt recharged when we left. It is amazing to us both, how much this whole trial sucks out of you. I am tired physically from all my body is going through, but mentally, the strain is great. You think you are doing alright and wham--it hits you hard. It's different from coping or dealing with something huge, it's more like it is there, all the time, hammering at your heart, your mind and your emotions. Getting out of the house, lends to a rest that is deep and lasting. For this we are grateful.

Remember God is a Rock, a very present help.


RawTriGirl said...

Hey! What are you talking about? That is a great shot of your backside! Lotsa people would kill to have a backside like yours!

Thinking of you lots!

Melissa, Oswaldo, Joao and Dario

Sarah said...

She's right, you know. Good looking backside, and great form! And you hit your target!! Good Job! I am so proud of you. Does this mean you will be hunting? Glad you and Tim had a time of rest. You all are always in our prayers - - love, Mom