Monday, September 10, 2007


Kind of cool today. Rainy too. Started out on my swing in IPeter 1. I have decided Peter is much more down to earth than say, Paul. Christi the golden and Jack the mutt, tried to snitch my muffin but I didn't give in to their sad eyes. Oh and I made homemade bread! It was SO good for lunch!!
I just open my journal and rewrite in my own thoughts, the verses I read. This helps cement it in my mind and helps me remember it later in the day.
This is my entry:
" So while I am distressed and it's ok to be distressed because Peter himself acknowledges that, I like how Peter says also that this is a "little while." When you're in the midst of a "poikilos"(various) trial it doesn't feel like a little while. It feels like forever. Peter also acknowledges the intensity of the trials--he says my faith is tested by fire.
That's pretty intense.
These people he was writing to weren't quite at the full blown persecution stage, but it was close.
They were suffering in many ways.
The whole result is to be found, my faith to be found, in praise, glory and honor.
Oh Jesus, help me to have that kind of faith today. The kind of faith that is grateful for all You have done, the kind of faith that bears proof, in other words, so others can see that there is praise to You, glory to You and honor to You as I am being distressed and tested by fire."

A peek into my journal.
I must go to bed.
Got this cream to put on my port today. I hope it helps because when they put that needle in I want to cry..It is supposed to numb it up.
We'll see....
Oh. I named it Rain because it reminds me of my favorite song, by Mercy Me, Jesus Bring the Rain. I was listening to it today to get myself ready for Wednesday. Heard over the weekend it is number 1 in the country in Christian music.
"And I know there'll be days, when life brings me pain, but if that's what it takes, then Jesus bring the rain.."

Praise, glory and honor,

P. S. Forgive my tense problems. I am weary......

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Sarah said...

"Praise, honor and glory" You do that you know. Thank you for sharing even the weary times with us. Your bread is wonderful! Wish I had some, maybe it's time for me to make some, too. My friends daughter said to be sure to numb the port, hope the cream helps. Will be praying for rest, no pain and no side effects. In Jesus name, Amen!! Love, Mom