Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bless the Lord O my soul

After I got up from my prayer time this morning, I felt better...there are some home maintenance issues I was getting bogged down by and I knew if I didn't get in my room and pray the whole day would be lost to bitterness, etc...

The girls and I studied about the Holy Spirit..they have to write a paper on how the Holy Spirit helped someone either in the Bible, real life or fictionally. I shared how the Spirit spoke to me the night Teresa was born and I was being wheeled across my front yard to the ambulance. (she was born at home) I had lost an incredible amount of blood, was in shock, with virtually no blood pressure, so I needed to be transported for fluids..I remember looking up at the stars and hearing, "Be still and know that I am God.." Straight from the calmed me down inside and helped me know I was in His hands. Two other times before Teresa was born, I was shown that verse, once on the way to my midwife's house via a song, and then at her home, where it was on a poster.
So the story goes....the girls had an example now of what to write and the school day had begun..

Then the UPS guy shows up with this package for it was an incredible blessing! A dear sister from downstate made me a bunch of hats that are SO cozy, warm and fun! She also put in some other goodies and wrote a letter that made me cry...The words ministered to my heart so deeply and I am so grateful..

Off to town we go, with lots to do. I am trusting God for strength. He provides. I take my mail and in it, a letter from a friend. On the front of the card are the words, Be still and know that I am God.. Thank you Lord, You are amazing!
Then Wal-mart. ( I know, New Normal though) I am at my end of strength and definitely at my end with seems like people are staring more than I am used to today. I wanted to whip off my hat, scream "Yes, I am BALD!!!" but decide it would be too confrontational...

The girls run into a friend who just happens to have something for me in her car. Long story short, I had wanted to get a copy of My Utmost for His Highest at the retreat last week. Held it in my hands, decided not to, but sure did like the feel of the leather bound cover...Guess what my friend gave me? A leather bound copy of My Utmost for His Highest! (my copy here is literally falling apart!) And a Beth Moore book, Praying God's Word, which I was also considering buying last week, was also in the bag!!

Should I be surprised when my Lord does this?

I am humbled, overjoyed and reminded of His great love for me tonight.

What you don't know is two days ago I was begging Him to show me He was still there...I felt dry. I hurt. Pain was an unwelcome guest.. I wept. I needed Him so much and He seemed so far away....

He was right there all the time.

I love you Lord...thank You for Your lavish gifts today..


Daddy Dylangrr said...

Your words are beautiful. Just like you!!!

Kristine said...

Ditto that!!! You ARE loved and it is not wrong to ask your Abba for a hug....He loves to do it! :)

RawTriGirl said...

Hi Bonnie -

Just checking in to tell you we're thinking of you. You have some pretty amazing friends my dear! Are are truly loved.

Melissa and family