Sunday, November 18, 2007

23 years..

I got married at the age of 23. Add 23 years to that and you not only know my age, you also know I have been married half as long as I've been alive!
Tim really romanced my soul this weekend. We went to our favorite place the Crooked River Lodge. I had been hearing all week long from Hannah how much I was going to love my present, etc etc. No hints, just that I would like it..
So we get to the room, there are a dozen of the most gorgeous flaming orange, with reddish tint, roses, gracing the table. Those were extra, not "the" present. Oh beautiful.
I am too meek to ask where "it" is but after a while, he says,
"It's somewhere around the perimeter of this room."
I look.
I see nothing. Too much chemo brain I guess.
Finally, he says, "Most gifts have the cards on them.."
I look at this incredible painting of these chickadees, which I thought was part of the hotel because it was on their wall, and it has a card on TOP of it!
The chickadee painting was made just for me, by Glen McCune, a local artist, craftsman, woodworking guy..
I just began to very own painting! With my favorite busy birdies on it!

These little guys look like they are going to fly right off the canvas!
I will send a picture later..
Right now it graces the spot on our stone fireplace wall. It is 2x3 feet and fits in perfectly with our home and its log cabin walls.

What a guy! I am so blessed to have him for my husband. God knew just who I needed to have in my life, especially now..he is so patient and loving. We have heard of divorces happening because the wife had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy..God knew I would need a man who loved me for who I am..

I am so grateful.

God blessed us with a fun filled, romantic time away from home.
The children did real well, Teresa said she "only had one fight with Hannah" while we were gone and she was right proud of herself!

I said I do 23 years ago.
For better or for worse.
For richer or poorer.
In sickness and in health..

Thank You Lord God for my maverick man.


Sarah said...

I thank God for the two of you!!
I am blessed to be able to call you daughter. We shouldn't be surprised that God knows what He is doing. Even though we don't always see the evidence.
I'm glad you had a wonderful time away on your Anniversary!!
Love and Blessings to all, Mom ;-)

Linda said...

Tim, you done good!! What a thoughtful gift--I think you have Brownie points in the bank!

Bonnie and Tim, I'm so glad you had such a good time--what special memories you've created!