Thursday, November 15, 2007

A dream come true....

MOM GOT A DEER!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!
Yes, it is true, today on the opening day of deer season, the Lord blessed us with a buck. I say us, because everyone was very excited, including me!
I had a pretty bad attitude going back out this afternoon. As I came home I saw my neighbor had a nice buck hanging from his tractor bucket..I was instantly green with envy. Why Lord, I have been out with my bow so many times...I am tired, I would love for this to be over so I can walk with the dogs, blah, blah, blah...
After I got on my 300lbs of clothes, I get up to my spot and start to confess...the snow pellets were striking me right on the cheeks but I was alright because I told the Lord that it was up to Him if I got a buck. Pure and simple. If I didn't, it really, truly was alright. By the way, the only type of deer you CAN get with a firearm is a buck unless you own 40 or more acres and have a doe permit. I didn't want anyone to think I had this buck thing going on or something. Venison is venison as long as it is legal. After it is in the white packages in the freezer, it is all the same!

But you know what? I have always wanted to get one. Not for the antlers, because this deer is actually a 3 point/spike but just because they are so wary of hunters and in this area, hard to come by.

So after I shot, I sat there and cried tears of joy. God knew my heart and He blessed me with a dream come true. I found myself wishing my Dad could take part in my joy, because I was using his 1952 lever action Winchester 32 special.

Tim gutted it for me and hung it up in the shop. The little girls got a lesson in deer anatomy and when I came back out, Teresa quips, "Dad fixed the deer Mom--permanently!" She is so curious! Rachel helped a lot holding the flashlight for her Daddy. Tim said when he came in it is the biggest deer we have ever had!

Oh Lord God, You are worthy of praise!

Chemo is tomorrow at 11:30. I know He will be with me..Hannah is going to come a little later and try and I mean try, to beat me in Scrabble.

I will let you know who wins.

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

Praise God!! He is faithful!!
We are so happy for you ;-)!!
What will you do with the hide, head and antlers? Praying already for treatment on Friday.
Have to email Drew and Linda - they are in Clare, where Drew and Justin hunt on their Property- 75 acres, I think. They will be excited for you.
Love and Blessings, Mom :-)

Daddy Dylangrr said...

Bonnie, I am so happy for you. I loved the picture of the girls and you making a face like the buck's. You beat the non-hunters to the punch because you've already given yourself a tongue-lashing. I said "loved" that picture because when I got done reading your post, I could no longer love it. For how can you make light of a poor buck who is about to get fixed? The buck in me is crying out in pain!!!

Your first picture really says it all. You are emanating joy - as though you had just experienced your own transfiguration on the mountain.

As God graced you with your buck, don't count your Scrabble tiles before they are played. I think Hannah may be in line for a little grace of her own.

Kristine said...

CONGRATS!! God is SO good...all of the time. He's IN TIME, ON TIME, EVERY TIME for us! Don agonized the whole day knowing that he was thousands of miles away and not able to be out. Moose just aren't the same. ;) Love the pictures - am praying for your weekend to be filled with peace and strength through the power of our Jehovah Jireh!

Much love,
Kristine :)