Friday, December 28, 2007

Good cake Jay!

After a very emotionally draining day, I get to finish it with one of my favorites cakes, made by my friend is so good! It chocolate salad dressing cake with brown sugar frosting ! He just brought me a piece after he handed me "I Can Only Imagine" on his wife's new ipod, complete with pics of our bridge walk. He handed me a piece and I said, "Good cake, Jay!!" thus the wild title..

The biopsy results = no cancer! Yea!!
But it did say the cells are hyperplastic, which means, fast growing, which they are calling "pre-cancerous." A way to deal with that is Arimidex, which kills estrogen and is used in post menopausal women. I got a rx today. I will be getting a bone density test as well, since one of the "side effects" of Armindex is osteoporosis! Yuck! Dr wants to establish a base line for my bone strength.

She also said several times it was alarming that these cells grew while I was on chemo, which is supposed to halt rapidly dividing alarms us too and I would appreciate your continued prayers for wisdom. I don't know how long the dense tissue/hyperplastic cells have been there, but it sure wasn't there in April when I had the first mammogram..I don't know how long they would have to keep this up to become cancerous cells either..that is the million dollar question!

We are also having another appointment set up for the radiation dr...My oncologist said it wouldn't hurt to listen to what he has to say and then make our decision..she said she didn't initially rx it because quite often it is not needed for 4 lymph nodes positive for cancer(her opinion)...she also said it is always a concern because on the left side it involves the heart...which is what I am also very concerned about as well...

Oh, I wish I could take a vacation!

So within the next week or two we will be discussing radiation and I will be starting on hormone therapy...ugh.
What I am thinking right now is this: if my remaining breast has pre cancerous cells in it, I'd rather not have it. Seems drastic doesn't it? Dr Galloway said the radiation has to come first, because we know for certain there was cancer there..then I would have to recover from THAT before I considered a simple mastectomy....

Well, there is fire in the fireplace, we have dear, dear friends here and Tim and I have a new Calvin and Hobbs book to take to bed with us...

And I received a brand, spanking new Kitchen Aid from Jay and Cindy and Tim! The color is "licorice" Fancy name for black and it is so very cool!! It has one of those nifty splash guards so the flour and butter don't fly out all over the counter, like I did last week..

Thank you for all your prayers over the last week...The Lord has been so good to us.

He is faithful,

P. S. I think I may want an ipod..they are kind of cool. Smile...


Sarah said...

Love to all of you!! So glad Jay and Cindy are there. I think you must have been posting while Tim was telling me the results of the biopsy.
I'm with you, if there may be cancer in it, even someday, get rid of it before it starts.
I sent the blog info to CFO's United Prayer Tower. You will have prayers all over the World and maybe some comments.
Have fun with your new mixer.
Enjoy your friends and family.
Praise God, from whom all Blessings flow. Love, Mom ;-)

Linda said...

Yummy in the tummy cake! Tell Jay I want his recipe!

We are all SO relieved that the biopsy results were negative--WHEW!! Now, you can decide what to do next. I was visiting with a retired teacher at a teacher luncheon before Christmas, and she said radiation (for her) was nothing--she felt just fine during that time. But I know nothing about it, so you are very wise to consult with your doctors.

My kids gave me a Kitchenaid a couple of years ago, and I was amazed at how much easier/faster it was to mix up stuff. I think you'll really enjoy using it.

I e-mailed you in response to your thank you....

Love that picture of youse guys!

Love, Linda