Wednesday, December 5, 2007

White as snow

"Come now and let us reason together," says the LORD. Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool." Isaiah 1: 18

Snow. We certainly have scads of it. The field across the road mocked my Christmas tree, with zillions of razzle dazzle pricks of light--oh such splendor!
I was thinking of the verse above today, while I marveled at the whiteness and the pureness of the snow..I have so much to be grateful for. God wiped away my sin and made it white as snow..

I am coming off my pain fest for the last few days. It hasn't been as bad as the last few times but still, pain is pain, only measured in my ability to tolerate it.
I was able to walk yesterday and today, in the falling snow, with Jack the weirdo dog. He sure has some big paws to fill. But I pray and talk to my Abba anyhow and Jack doesn't mind.

As you know, we have to look for another car. We have been praying about it, because like everything else in our lives, we take it to God.

Then on Monday, Tim had lunch with a friend he has been teaching to fly. This guy is retired, single and has a dog. He has always been very kind to us over the years and has been a knife customer of Tim's as well.
Anyhow, he paid for the rest of his pocketknife Tim is making for him. Tim told him he wouldn't be able to get to it until February. No problem the guy says. Then he hands him an envelope, with a bunch of cash in it and says he wants to give him "$4,500 to prepay for flying lessons." Tim says " That's flying lessons for the next 10 years, or more!" This guy says, "I know, Merry Christmas!" shakes his hand and off he goes.

My husband came home with $5,000 in his pocket!!!
Praise God for His many blessings and answers to prayer!

Now we are looking at a 1997 suburban, just like our old one. It is beautiful, clean and would be a great car. I saw it today and was flabbergasted--it is so clean and nice! (dark green with running boards, grey leather interior) Obviously they did not have 4 children in it!!

Sorry for all the details.

To God be all the glory. He cares for us and does not want us to be anxious about anything--including cars and money.

I am excited to see what happens.

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

I love the details!! Thanks for sharing them.
God bless your friend! I wonder,does he know he is being used by God?
About the new doctor: maybe he is here "for such a time as this".
May God give you wisdom.
How is Nathan doing? I know it's hard for everyone.
God IS faithful - - so are you!!
My love and His to all of you. Mom

Linda said...

Umm humm! Umm humm! So what did you expect, already!? Your Aunt Linda said, on Nov. 25, and I quote, "A car/van--what God says you need right now is going to come your way."

Thank God for that wonderful friend!

Aunt Linda says, "Get that Suburban checked out by a trusted mechanic! And look it up in Consumers Reports!" (actually, I can look it up for you and report back tomorrow)

Every day, stronger and stronger-- physically, emotionally, and spiritually--YEAH!