Sunday, January 6, 2008

Prayer warriors pray!

This will be very short because I do not have many words to heart is broken.
I know God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. I am grateful beyond words for that.
My brother had surgery last Thursday. My little brother. He has had this lump in his neck for about 4 months...he had a fine needle aspiration 2 weeks ago and it showed the mass to be harmless. We all rejoiced! During the surgery the Dr was shocked at what he saw; a grey, ugly mass, wrapped around my brother's carotid artery and jugular vein. It was very hard, like the sole of our shoes he told us...and it was cancer.
No doubting the pathology. It's size and how it has wrapped itself around his major blood vessels kept them from trying to remove it. That is what they intending to do until they saw it. It has grown since he first discovered it too..

It is stage 4 based on size.(6cmx6cmx3cm)..but the Dr said it was "very treatable."

My brother's name is Steve and his wife's name is Amy. They have 4 sons, Caleb 15, Chris 13, Ryan 11, and Evan 5. Please pray the tumor will shrink. Please pray this will bring them together like they have never been before..

They see the Dr for a follow up this Wedn4esday and to make a plan for oncologists, radiation, and then chemo.

I can't believe I am even writing this! What are the chances of two children in one family having cancer????

My Mom is devastated...I had Tim drive me down when we found out the news because I needed to be there..her and I drove home Friday night..we stayed and watched Caleb's freshmen basketball game which was a fun time. We both stayed the night in Steve's room and were quite sleep deprived, so we slept well Friday night.. but the shock and pain is so raw now..

Her husband died of cancer 21 years ago. n Last May her daughter is diagnosed, now, 8 months later, her son is diagnosed...please, please lift her up to the throne of grace..she needs comfort, the kind only God and His people can give.
Her address is just like mine: Sandy Houck 4509 E. Bear River Rd
Boyne Falls, MI 49713

When I hurt I pray and go to God's Word..these last few days I don't even know how to pray..I am grateful for people like you, who can do it for me and for my brother and for my Mom.
Prayer warriors pray!

He is still faithful,

P. S. I have a bone scan on Wednesday because I have been experiencing very intense lower back pain...please pray.

P.P.S. I will write more later when my heart is able.


Laura said...


How I wish I could give you as encouraging of words as you have been giving me! I finally got you blog address and have been reading it crying. With my ladies group we have been doing the Beth Moore Danial study. You might have done it. Last time we met, something really struck me. When we, as children of God, have fiery trials, we can 1)be delivered from the fire--which we all want a miracle, 2)be delivered through the fire, or 3)delivered by the fire into His arms. We are being delivered through the fire and are gaining a refining of our faith in the process.

I pray daily for you and your take you from cancer patient to permanent cancer survivor status! I will be praying for you brother and your mother. Wow! What a lot for your family.

Love you Bonzo. Your sister in Christ,


RawTriGirl said...

I cannot even fathom what you and your family are going through right now. Please hold on tight and keep the faith. We're sending loads of healing your direction.

Kristine said...

Please know that you are often being lifted before the Throne of Grace! You and your brother are FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE (Psalm 139:14)!!! This is all so difficult to figure out (and of course we'll never figure it ALL out), but just like the comment above...."hold on tight"! Thank you for entrusting all of us your heart feelings. WE LOVE YOU! Please give "Mom" a big hug from the Dohsedoes! Our church is prayin' too!

"on the prayer wagon",

Kristine :)

Sarah said...

Have been praying today, Wed., for you and Steve. May God give wisdom to all the doctors and those who work with them.
You both with your families, are on more prayer chains than you will ever know, including my church and CFO's United Prayer Tower which goes world wide!
Please know you are LOVED!
Let us know when you find out the results, ok? Love always, Mom

Cia said...

Our thoughts and prayers go way deep.
I'm sorry for your struggles. I feel so much for your mom. I can't imagine having both my children going through these things.
We found out that Matt's dad has moved into the acute leukemia status that we all feared.
Life can be so confusing and scary sometimes. Then other days, the sun shines and takes away all our worries. Today is a shiny day. Find a place of peace and remember that every day is a gift.
I love you and am working right along side you, searching for many of life's big answers.

Linda said...

Bonnie and family--you are on SO many prayer chains--from California to Nevada to Michigan, and who knows where else across the USA!

May you find peace in your hearts while you hold on tightly to faith and family.

Know that you are loved.