Monday, February 25, 2008

Babies, steak and endoscopies

What does a newborn baby, a good steak and an endoscopy have in common?
Me! Yesterday, I held a newborn made my chest ache like I never could have anticipated..I wanted to weep but held it in because I didn't want to be a wet blanket for this precious couple celebrating the birth of baby #4, their first son.

I also ate a great steak yesterday! Wow, was it good! Tim cooked it on the grill and we all savored each bite...then "it" happened. Nathan took a big bite and swallowed and it got stuck in his esophagus! He coughed and hoarked and vomited for the next hour or so and every time he tried to drink, it would come back up..

So off to ER we went. His airway wasn't compromised but he was absolutely miserable. We hit ER just before the big rush, with skiers and flu bug-ers. I had to move to a different waiting room altogether because some woman came in and sat 3 seats from me vomiting into a pitcher every 2 minutes or so....I felt so badly for her, but I sure don't want her bug!

Anyhow, Nathan had to have an endoscopy. There is a little hose, with a camera on the end that the Dr snakes down your esophagus. He had to be medicated enough to cooperate but not enough to be completely out. They needed him to be able to understand what they wanted him to do; Nathan, swallow, Nathan breath through your nose, not your mouth, etc. He said it was awful! He kept gagging and couldn't breath very well through his nose because it was all plugged up from all his vomiting.

Tim and I sat and waited. A parental first. Lord willing, a parental last!

After about 45 minutes, the Dr came out and told us the the piece of steak was huge and Nathan has a constricted esophagus right before it hits his tummy. He tried to dilate it when he was in there, but his tummy wanted to empty itself of all its gastric delights and the Dr did not want that stuff going up the esophagus and possibly into Nathan's airway.

After some pretty funny episodes in recovery, we came home. He is doing much better this am, but very sore.

Now that you have read the word E-S-O-P-H-A-G-U-S more time than ever, I do want to share something.

I had other ideas yesterday; we had sunshine, blue sky and mild temps. I wanted to walk and take a long nap. With my husband.
God had other plans.
At first, let me tell ya, I was discouraged.
I mean, doesn't God know how tired I am? Doesn't He know I wanted refreshment, not antiseptic?
I still had a pretty bad attitude about it this am until I was leaving radiation. (at 8 AM every day)
One of the techs, a nice guy, asked me how my weekend was.
I responded, "Quite eventful."
He asked right?
Sorry people, but I told him about the esophagus episode.
He asked who the Dr was and I told him.
Turns out the Dr is a Christian and the tech then asked me if I was a believer. (he is too)
He and this Dr have been in a Bible study together for the last couple years.
I said the Dr was very nice, and he says, "Now you know why."
I had to whine one more time. Really. God still must not understand my angst.
You know about the beautiful day, here I am cooped up in the hospital..
He just smiles and said, "Everything happens for a reason."

I don't know what the reason is yet and that was why I was so discouraged.
Some days, I won't know why but I do have to walk in obedience to Him.
That means, walking down paths I don't always choose, if for only to be a servant to my child.
My husband was such an example to me yesterday. He never once complained..He was just there, giving comfort to me and sharing guy humor with Nathan and his barf bag antics.

Please pray for my shoulder. It hurts like mad, mostly at night. My Dr thinks it may be the armidex I'm on. I need sleep desperately, and this has been preventing it.
Praise for Tim--his spider bite is almost all better!
Thank you for praying.
Pray for my protection this week. I am giving my testimony this coming Sunday in front of our church. I have been hit hard in the last few days with all kinds of junk--physical and spiritual.
I am so tired I feel neck aches and of course, this becomes fodder for the fire of fear in my heart..

Yes, I am headed for bed. This Monday, is a snow day. There is snow and it's day. So no school until Momma gets up. We don't always take the snow days the public schooled kids do, so today I'm cashing in.

Psalm 34 verse 1 says, "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth."

Praise son, not steak.

He is faithful,


waitingfaithfully said...

I hope you enjoyed your snow day! I'm up late reading so am praying for your shoulder and sound sleep, hopefully as you sleep! Happy to hear all is well with Nathan. You always have such a way with words when it comes to describing vomit, or the act there of! (smile)
Even on your most trying days, your love of Jesus shines brightly through on your blog. Keep pressing on, your testimony is a blessing to many. Praying that God would continue to hide you under the shelter of His wings, as you tell the world what great things He has done!


Sarah said...

I love your rationale (sp?) about snow day.
Glad to know who Tina is. She, too has a way with words. She said almost everything I was going to.
I'll concentrate on your shoulder when my knee hurts. PT today, they were pleased with my progress.
Now I'm tired. Love and prayers, Mom ;-)

Kristine said...

You are in our prayers! So thankful that Nathan is okay and that you will have an opportunity to share your heart this Sunday -- wish I could be there!! I have fuzzy memories of my own endoscopy and can't help but wonder what it would be like to be a doctor or nurse watching people gag day in and day out (I'll bet they have some really good stories to tell)...I do remember them telling me to try to calm down and other nonsensical things like that.

Thank you so very much for the Odyssey blessing!! If I start an episode right away as we are pulling out of the driveway, we can sometimes finish it before the parking lot at church. :)

You ARE loved,
Kristine :)