Sunday, February 17, 2008

It is well

You know the hymn? It is well, with my soul..
God has done some amazing deeds this past week.
Seeing His hand at work has brought me comfort,
reinforced my faith and made me smile..

See for yourself:
A couple gave us a car! A 1999 Mercury Villager now lives here.
It will replace the faithful,old dodge
caravan with 239,000 miles, a sliding door that no longer
slides, but falls off (yikes!) and various cosmetic traits
that gave it that endearing, redneck-y quality. Nathan will
be the primary driver of the "new" van. He is very
grateful and so are the rest of us. I still am pinching
myself--Lord You are so very great and mighty!

I went into the radiology department Wednesday
but before I went, I got the mail. In it, was a letter
from a friend with the most beautiful handwriting!
On the front Psalm 28:7:
"The LORD is my strength and my impenetrable shield: my heart trust in, relies on an confidently leans on Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices and with my song I will praise Him."

These words were a gift to my heart, the timing was perfect and
I received a powerful word picture for the next 5 weeks of
radiation treatments. The Lord Himself is my impenetrable
shield! Wow.

I also received a letter from a friend which gave me such
comfort, hope and encouragement. Her words brought
affirmation to my soul...I just read it again and it makes me
smile every time. Thank you K--you blessed my socks off!

Another gift this week: my brother's tumor, which
originally was 6cmx6cmx3cm is now the size of a quarter!
Praise You Lord God! He just finished his 2nd tx and has
one more before 45 radiation treatments. His faith is strong
and he and I share Scripture back and forth. Last night he
really helped me by just calling me and telling me he loved me..

Roses..I got a few this week from my sweetheart..we went
out to our favorite breakfast spot after we met with my surgeon
He looked at my incision and said it looked "great."
No infection! We kissed in the hallway again. This time we were
"caught" by one of the oncology ladies, but she said it was ok
because it was Valentine's Day..

God has been so gracious to us this past week.
His gifts have been far beyond what we could ever think or dream up on our own.

The best gift of all is that I can finally sleep on my right side and snuggle
into my husband's arms...

Tomorrow at 7:45 it begins folks.
Pray for the rays to kill any cancer that may be left.
Pray for my physical strength--I have been very, very tired lately..
Pray I will give God the glory any chance I can.
Pray I will trust Him at all times.
Pray for Tim, he has a nasty spider bite on his leg.
He went in today and got on antibiotics.

Thank you my dear friends.
Your prayers help so much--words cannot express how I can sense the prayers of the saints.

He is so very, incredibly faithful,


waitingfaithfully said...

Sounds like you had a week of abundant blessings, thank you for sharing! So happy to hear about Steve's good report. I continue to think of you and lift you up in prayer, epecially tomorrow as you begin radiation. May our Lord give you strength and peace in the days ahead as you lean on Him. He is able.


Sarah said...

I love your smile!!! You are truly beautiful!!! Who knew cars could run so long? Nice to see the pictures - Teresa doesn't have any mittens on. Trust it was just for the picture. Praise God for Steve's good news. What a nice brother to call just when you needed it. Will add Tim to the prayer list. Bad spider! Will continue to keep everyone in prayer!!! Love and Blessings, Mom ;-)