Friday, February 8, 2008


Ow. I had to go back to the surgeon's office today to have my incision checked. My Dr. said it had fluid in it, disappeared, came back with a needle..AH! None would come up into his cute, little back we go into the NIVA lab(whatever that means!) and the tech uses her ultrasound wand and rubs all over my tender incision, discovers the fluid is right below the surface of the skin and in goes the needle! OWIE! Once more, there is nothing coming through his now, evil, exploratory drill bit! I'm biting my lip...then it's over. Not enough to draw up in the syringe he says....
No comment.

My girls got ooed and ahhed over at his office today. I couldn't help but show them off a little. My favorite nurse told them they" loved your mama to pieces!"...and she is right, they do..God has given me such a great group of caring, compassionate health care providers. Even after today I can say that!

This morning I hit the floor running.
Tang Soo Do at 8:30, with all 4 of my children passing and getting their green with stripe belts!!
Then homeschool group from 10-12 learning about the Revolutionary War. Go Paul Revere!
I asked Teresa on the way home, "So Teresa, who rode on his horse to tell the colonists about the British?" "John Hancock!" she says rather confidently...I got a good laugh and her sister and I explained how John Hancock was the guy who signed the Declaration--and before I could finished she says, "Yeah, he was the guy who signed it so big that King George the III could read his signature without his spectacles!!"
Just a little name confusion.
Then Dr appointment at 1pm. Needles..owie.
Then girls getting their haircut, I'd show you but Tim took BOTH digital cameras for this razor emporium/seminar/talk- about- it- all- night weekend he is at right now...
Then home and a visit from a dear couple..she is in the midst of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer..she made us cookies and the most incredible white chili I have ever eaten! The best part of their visit was the prayer at the is so wonderful to be with God's people and pray..
Then a nap on the couch...
Then a walk with Jack down my familiar road of prayer..

I started the day with prayer and a devotional from My Utmost for His Highest

What I read socked me right in the heart!

He is talking about insisting that God answers our prayer a certain way, and if He doesn't we get all dejected and down.
Then he says,
"Whenever the insistence is on the point that God answers prayer, we are off the track.
The meaning of prayer is that we get hold of God, not of the answer."

I thought that was pretty insightful.
I guess one thing I have learned on this journey is that God certainly does allow things into our lives that hurt and bring pain, but His presence is what brings relief and peace. I tap into that presence by prayer mostly and some days the prayer is raw and filled with pain and some days it is tears that speak because I cannot and some days the prayer time is sweet and rich..
like today with our friends...

Pray my body will get rid of the rest of the fluid and there will be no infection..

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

Oh, how I delight in going through the day with you and the kids!!! I miss you all so much, it's almost like being there with you.
Congratulations to all the "green with stripe" achievers! I'm guessing that Nathan had school and/or work after.

We will, of course, be praying about the fluid and when ratiation starts.

Where's Tim's conference?

Love you all!! Blessings always, Mom

Sarah said...

OOps!! radiation.

Bonnie said...

Medina OH is where your son is.
Guess it's down by where Laura and Brian used to be.