Wednesday, February 6, 2008

arrow by day

"You will not be afraid of the terror by night or of the arrow that flies by day.." Psalm 91:5

I breathed one of those "Lord help me" prayers as I waited for the elevator to come..instantly this verse from Psalm 91 popped into my mind..
I know those of you who are Bible scholars might cringe at my "application" but you can argue with the Spirit, Who gave me the verse!
I thought of the radiation, like arrows, flying into my skin, penetrating it over time and killing any cancer cells left over from I considered the radiation in that vein, it wasn't so terrifying. Plus, the beginning of that verse says in no uncertain terms, YOU WILL NOT BE AFRAID..

I am so grateful for the Word of truly is alive and active in my life!

Monday I had my drain pulled. Ouch!
Tuesday I had physical therapy for my lymphedema arm. I get to wear a sleeve and gauntlet for my hand...only when I'm active, which is basically all day. Lousy for tans in the summer though..
Wednesday (today) we went for all the mapping, xrays and scans for my radiation.
Thursday I stay home...thank You Lord.
Friday I go back to have my incision checked to make sure it is not puffing up with fluid, etc.

Next Wednesday the 13th, we start radiation. I go in at 4:30pm.
Then the next morning I start at 7:45 am. That will be my time
from that day on. I go for 25 days, weekends off.

I am healing up well from the surgery. My incision looks good. It kind of goes all across my chest now..a lady today who has known us since we started chemo last August, said I have one *#@ of a smiley face! I had to laugh because what else can you do?

I got three tatoos today, they are little dots, and they are purple. Not much bigger than a dot really. No big deal. Now I can tell my godly friends I have not just one tatoo, but 3!

My hair is coming in really fast. My eyebrows had to be plucked this week! My eyelashes are coming in too--I'm loving that. I still walk everyday..I am so grateful for that..Jack the dog is too.

Pray for courage, endurance and joy.
Thank you--I can sense when the saints are lifting me up to the Throne of Grace.

He is faithful,


Cindy said...

Hi Bonnie,
What a insightful picture you have created for me with that verse. It will be my goal every morning through the week to pray that God will protect the healthy you from the arrows of radiation and direct those arrows straight to the blackness of the cancer.
I will also picture you in the Helmet of Salvation, Belt of Truth, Breast Plate of Righteousness, Shield of Faith, Sword of the Spirit and on your feet the Readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace. This will be especially easy for me to do since you wear the armor so well.
Ephesians 6:16 "In addition to all this, take up the sheild of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one."
In Christ's Love, Cindy

Sarah said...

I hope you don't mind, I gave your blog to the staff where I had the stress test this morning. People are eager to read your story. Friends from Church tell me how blessed they are when they read what you share. ( And remind me how blessed I am to have you in my family.)

Cindy put into words what many are thinking, I'm sure.

Will let the pray-ers know the radiation schedule.

Love, prayers and blessings, Mom