Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks Hannah

Without my daughter's expertise, I wouldn't have been able to bring you the NEW NORMAL me!!
Yes, my hair is curly.
No, I did not have hair this curly before.
Yes, it is soft.
No, you cannot rub your hands all over my head!
(just kidding--some of you have and it makes me laugh!)
Yes, it is a different color. It is the new normal Bonnie Zowada. Yes, I like it!

I had a lady the other day, when I told her I had been through the breast cancer experience, ask me if "I was a survivor?"
Um I think so. After all, I am breathing, standing there in front of her, trying to comprehend the question....
Some times you just have to laugh...and be gracious. I know I have asked some pretty dumb questions in my own life.

Here are some praises as of late:

I walk now, almost every day, for about 1 hour.
I need fewer naps.
My radiation area almost looks normal.
My prayer time on those walks has been phenomenal, intimate and satisfying.
My tulips are coming up!!
Tim canned a little over 2 gallons of maple syrup..
Tim got out his motorcycle..
Hannah got her learner's permit to drive.
Her and I both survived with her driving to Wal-Mart!
My hair tickles Tim nose at night when we snuggle..
We got a free night at our favorite get away spot--to celebrate being finished with chemo and radiation--the 2 bedroom suite for our whole family!! COOL BEANS!!
We got our taxes done today.(just smile ok?)
We celebrated by going out tonight! (Tim and I)
The spring peepers(frogs) were peepin' today!
I found myself saying I can't do anything with my hair!

There are many, many more but I need to go to bed.

Please, please pray for my brother Steve.
He is in the middle of his 3rd week of radiation (out of 8)
He is tired, exhausted and feels nauseated..
He has to get injections of a med that keeps his saliva glands from shrinking up, once before the radiation treatment and once after. A total of 80 injections!!
Plus, he gets a low dose of cisplatin each Tuesday...and the radiation on top of that. (M-F)
The good news is that there is no sign of the tumor that used to be the size of a hockey puck!

I know you will pray for Steve and Amy and their four boys.

You are all such prayer warriors! Your prayers have been my life line..

I will write more later.
I have lots to share but my eyeballs need to close.

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

I love your curly hair! How nice to be able to say,"I can't do anything with my hair." This is a good problem to have. ;-)

We've all asked our share of stupid questions. It reminded me of when I was asked if the boy and girl twins (Kathryn and Reid) were identical! You just do your best to be nice. I'm sure you were!!

Praise God for Steve's continued recovery!! You Houcks are a tough breed, - we of course will pray - he will follow in his big sister's footsteps and be just fine!!! In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

I have my 2nd post-op appt. tomorrow. Only 2 PTs left. It will be 8 weeks on Thurs. I have 112 degree bend. Not where I'd like it, but they are pleased. I'm able to go up and down stairs like a normal person! I'm even thinking about going for a walk! Just not too far.

Love and God's Blessings to you all! Mom

Waitingfaithfully said...


Loving the NEW NORMAL you with curly hair, how cool is that?!

To answer the survivor question, "YES, I AM a survivor, thank you! A survivor with curly hair! Can you not see? Not to mention I ride with a NEW driver . . . that makes me a DOUBLE survivor!" (Hey, maybe that's why your hair is curly!) :)

I too am spending time with a "permit type" driver, yikes!

Praising Him for all of your "praises"! Praying for Steve and Amy, and boys.

Blessings to the new you~


Linda said...

Your hair looks darling! ('course, I have naturally curly hair, too!) When you wash it, you can finger comb it to go where you want it to go, let it dry (naturally)completely, and then finger lift the parts you want to have a little more volume. Having a new driver in the family is enough to curl anyone's hair!

Prayers continuing for all, but especially your brother and his family.

love, Linda

Laura said...

Nice hair beautiful! I have a feeling that the new you is even more splendid than the original you...if that's possible!

I will continue to pray for Steve's journey and complete healing as God continues to bless and heal us.

I had the opportunity to go to the Truth Project with mom this weekend in the Detroit area. How wonderful...and no problems with the noise, lights and crowd. How far God has brought me and continues to bring me! He IS faithful!

Love and prayers for you Bonzo,