Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Loyal. Funny. Excellent in Scrabble. Prayerful. Honest.
These are adjectives that describe one of my dearest.
I am here, in her new home, relishing the teen Scrabble tournament, the nerf darts flying through the air and the screaming, fast internet!
In the land of cornflakes, where Kellogg's is King, I am relaxing, laughing, doing a little shopping and loving being with my friend.

Thanks for praying everyone for me lately. I got my school stuff done the other day and it feels SO GOOD to be DONE! Hannah still has a little chemistry to do but should be done by the end of June. I even have my order list ready for next fall. Now the summer can begin.

June 17 I see my oncologist again. They suck blood out of me, then an hour later I see her with the results. Please pray my CA marker tests will be within normal ranges and that I can get my port out! I will do the my-port-is-gone dance when they do. Where? I'm not certain. How is the funnier question.

Well, my friend is working like crazy getting dinner on and here I sit...
Did I use the adjective forgiving?

Jesus is my ultimate friend.
I am so grateful for my relationship with Him.
I am so thankful for friends with skin on, who take on His attributes and qualities.
He'd definitely whomp her in Scrabble!

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

Well, now I know why I haven't been able to get ahold of you on the phone! Aunt Linda wants to know sizes because she has lots more stuff to send besides sweaters. I'll call your cell tomorrow.

Are you visiting alone, or did kids come, too?

Praise God for friends and sisters!!! I'm enjoying my time with mine.

Your blood draw is on Linda's birthday - we will keep you in prayer.

He is faithful, all the time!!
Love you, Mom ;-)

PS. the computer isn't letting her post, but she reads it regularly.

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh nooooo . . . up in the middle of the night, jet lagged . . . reading blogs . . . coveting your visit. Please tell your friend, my sis, that I love her and then whomp her in Scrabble for me!

Loved your new bike pics-- STRONG, beautiful Bonnie!

Blessings from my nest!


Bonnie said...

She beat me bad. Real bad.
I love her anyway!

Beaten but not bothered!