Monday, May 26, 2008


I got a new bike for my 47th birthday from my husband! It is so light, so pretty and rides like smooth peanut butter...Like the pink handle bar tape? I decided on pink because I wanted to remind myself whenever I'm on it, how God has gotten me through!
The head badge says Bleroit(Blear -E-O) He was the guy who first flew across the English Channel. A famous aviation person. There are airplanes on this bike which I think is God's funny for me. I don't like them, Tim flies them and now some are on my bike! I wonder how many times I will be telling people what kind of bike it is and trying to remember how to say the name Bleriot??

Her we are last night, ready for our first voyage together! We are both intent on dropping some extra baggage(flubber, not bike) this summer and hope to ride every night after dinner. There is a loop that is an easy 10 miles, with one monster hill in the middle and one savage dog tied with this leash that has been broken and retied several times! He almost chewed on my ankle the other day but missed me!(whew!) We did it last night and averaged about 12 mph! My last bike was so much heavier than this one. The difference is absolutely amazing! My hubby got the parts in two boxes and while I was on my alone time at the Crooked River Lodge, I guess he stayed up until 3am putting it together! When I woke up from my nap on Saturday I walked out in the living room and there it was! WOW!!
For any bike gurus out there, this is a bike from a company in California, called Rivendell.
Details: Wheels are 650-B (an unusual size Tim says)
Frame: lugged steel
Center pull brakes, 24 speed, bar end shifters and an awesomely cool leather saddle(otherwise known as a seat)
Color:(the most important part for me!) Teal. With pretty, sparkley flecks...
We have a couple rides we want to do together this summer, the first one happening this coming Saturday. We are opting for 20 miles, not 42 or 65. You know, gradual is best.

There is a breast cancer ride on June 21 called the 6th Annual Pink Ribbon Bike Ride. I always get a catch in my throat when I read that it is in honor of some woman who died from breast cancer...I may be hitting some of you up for sponsoring me, and this one you can ride, 7, 20, 42 and 65. I'm thinkin' I would be up for the 42 by then. It would go around Lake Charlevoix. We will see.
My left arm, even when I wear my dumb lymphedema sleeve, doesn't like being in that position very long. Tim raised my stem up, which really helped. I don't bend over much unless I'm screaming down a big hill and want to hit 30 mph. I'm not into spandex and aerodynamics either. If I raced for a living then I might be.

Thanks for praying for my brother. He is finished with radiation. His mouth and throat were sore due a yucky thrush infection. He is grateful and exhausted all rolled into one. These next two weeks will be crucial for him to get rest.

I am having a lot of tightness on my chest, on the left side. It is like the skin is being stretched beyond it's capacity...I do my exercises like a good girl but lately it has been painful. I am chalking it up to radiation and my body healing itself. Someone in the medical field told me it will take up to two years to get my normal skin back! Two years!!

Prayer requests for me:
Each day I would focus on Jesus and spend some time with Him.
A huge unspoken to be met.
Physical strength to be granted.
Safety when I ride from savage dogs to rude drivers.

I had a great birthday.
Friends came over and brought THE BEST german chocolate cake ever! Homemade. YUM. We ate chicken that I did not have to prepare and cheesy potatoes and salad.. While we were eating dinner, I got a call from my friend Michelle, in Papua New Guinea!! It was incredible to hear her voice from clear across the globe!! She didn't know it was my birthday, so it made the call even more precious to my heart. Someday I want to go see her--another dream I am giving to the Lord..
God is so good to us all the time, in the good days and during the bad, scary days. He really, truly is. Trust Him. He is worthy.

He is faithful,

P. S. More pics to come when we find Hannah's digital camera.........

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Sarah said...

Hi Sweet girl, At the CFO annual meeting in Auburn, WA. Have to go to the reception area for internet reception. Most of the people are going to bed, we've had a busy day!
God is good, and the meetings are going well. Great praise times and good, inspirational talks.

Cool bike! Will pray !!!

Love always, Mom ;-)