Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Father's World

That one got away!!!
If you know where the big fish is, I'll send you some Kilwin's chocolate!

Reeling and Healing had their reunion retreat this past weekend. I went by myself. Drove by myself, which is very strange without children or a husband in the car...I got there at dusk and almost smacked several deer that were racing around in the woods.
The place was absolutely beautiful...
We were at a "ranch" near Baldwin. The Pere Marquette River ran through the property where we hung out all weekend..it was SO beautiful there!

The fish of the weekend was salmon. They were headed up the river to spawn and then die. I have never seen fish that huge..I probably seemed crazy to most of the seasoned fisherpeople there, but I couldn't get over their size! You could see them in the water from the shore!
The lady who runs the event, got a salmon egg in her hand and brought it to me as I was fishing with my guide.
It was about the size of a pea, creamy white colored with orange sherbert colored swirls. For those of you who know that much about fish reproduction--(a pea size) the mom salmon goes upstream, wiggles all around and fans out a place to lay her bazillion eggs. The fisherpeople call these spots "redds" I call them nests. Oh, and the fisherpeople call the moms, hens. Does that make any sense to you? Me neither, but they are really serious when they say it. Cracks me up.
Then the Dad salmon competes with other Dad salmon for the rights to fertilize the eggs the Mom squirts out all over the rocky nest she just made. They race around in the water, and the biggest, baddest Dad "wins." Then they basically die, within days. The little eggs are called roe. They become the Ponderosa Buffet for the trout, who follow all this craziness, and snarf up all the pretty little eggs. That is why some of my flies looked like the eggs. Oh and the dad wanna be salmon, who come upstream to spawn but don't quite have the reproductive jazz, those serious fisherpeople call them "jacks."

I loved every minute of it. I was in the water Saturday for about 5 hours. We could see the salmon all around us, but they were only interested in spawning, not eating. I got a lot of great practice casting, and was given a few new flies for my fly box. My guides were so much fun and so helpful. I appreciated the time and the effort they gave me, to help me learn. These people are SO GOOD at fly fishing, at times, I felt like a preschooler. I wonder if they realize how much their affirmation and "good cast" comments, made me feel? The guy I have my picture taken with, has an incredible job. He has been all over the world, finding places to fly fish for other people to travel to. He is a treasure trove of knowledge. He is funny, patient and very serious about fly fishing. When he told me if I keep it up, I will be "real good," I wanted to jump up and down with joy!
The gal I had my pic taken with, was my guide for most of Saturday...as we are fishing away, her cell phone goes off...we are both MSU fans and this call was to inform us that our team was getting beat, bad!! She made me laugh and encouraged me so much. Her smile and her helpful, servant heart made me feel so valued. Her and I didn't catch anything though. She gave me some of the flies she had tied..that was fun.

My guy guide and I fished Sunday morning. He tried so hard...he really wanted me to land a big salmon. We swapped out flies, he kept after me on my back casting.....after about 3 hours, I was pretty beat. I could tell he really wanted to fish too. He asked me if I would be mad if he caught one..I said no. And I really meant it. Well, he did!! He actually hooked the big dad salmon on the top fin!!

I was able to hold the net this fish occupied--it weighed about 20 pounds!!! Incredible!
What a way to end the weekend.
It was too yucky to take home by the way..it had nasty white stuff on it and the skin was getting all gross. Still I got to see one up close and personal!!
Thanks Lord!!

Well, I need to go to bed.

Health wise, I am tired most of the time...bone tired. I felt like this on the retreat and was real disappointed...it seems like I can't get enough sleep.
I start tamoxifen this week. Please pray my body accepts it better than the arimidex..
Remember the cancer I had was estrogen positive. This drug is supposed to stop my body from making estrogen. That is why I have power surges, get all moody and grumpy and cannot remember much!! Maybe you should pray for Tim!!

Love to all of you!

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!
Sorry you didn't catch any, but had fun trying. Maybe that is part of the fun?
Thanks also for the lesson on the ways of spawning salmon. Very interesting!
You are still on the prayer list.We will pray the medicine will do what it should, and you will be and feel well.
In Jesus name, Amen!

Love and Blessings,

(Okay Linda, your turn!!) ;-)

Linda said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, even though you were feeling tired! It's just as well you didn't bring a salmon home--when they're spawning the meat gets kinda soft and not really very appetizing. The bears generally don't mind though, and have a grand old time during this season!

Doesn't sound as though your First Retreat roomie was there this time--maybe another time.

You probably cast much better than I ever thought about doing--I didn't have lessons, I just went ahead and cast, so I probably had terrible form. Oh well--I loved being out in the water, in the trees!

Let's see if this actually posts!

love, Linda