Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun and Pinkness

This is us at the Renaissance Festival the end of September. We were guests of our friend and Tim's boss, Will, the owner of the razor company. He got us in, we got to watch his wife's show and put us up at a local hotel..He is such a NICE GUY!!! We walked all over, seeing so many interesting things...I think we walked about 5 miles!!
Teresa is modeling her princess outfit that Will's wife got for her, special for the event.
If you have never been there, it is crazy with people. The flavor is knights, knaves, kings, queens and jousters. People go in dressed up, so Teresa fit right in.
The horse is Macaroni. He is an official Gypsy horse, from England. His trainer, let Teresa ride him and then later, Rachel got to ride him bareback..That was the highlight of the show for me, seeing my girls on a horse. They are officially horse crazy. We had a really good time. From there, we drove to Battle Creek the next day and went to a goodbye party for our former pastor and his wife at Grace Community was awesome seeing so many dear friends. He took men's ministry job at church in Indianapolis, where all their children, grandchildren and family are already living.

I don't know why I just told you all that..


As you all know, this is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is PINK EVERYWHERE.
I was in the pet food isle today, getting assorted bagged goods for the fuzzy creatures..I look over to the cat food side and there is a huge, pink strip on the end of a Friskies cat food bag!!!!
A cat food bag!!!!!!!!
Do you know how that makes me feel??
A cat food company is using cancer to make makes me very angry.

If they were truly philanthropic, they would just send a portion of their profits directly to Susan Komen's organization...but no, they have to make money too..

I'm not sorry!

Pink M&M's, baking soda, salad dressing, shoes, clothing, you name it --almost any product can be used to "find a cure."
I even saw a sign at my local bank...I can't run away from it, that is for sure!

Some days these pink things serve as a reminder of the ugly disease, cancer. In Wal Mart, I push my cart past the produce aisle and see a pink ribbon on the brand of romaine lettuce I buy. I think of chemotherapy and how my mouth used to taste the drugs while they went into my medi-port. In Glen's, I have a visual of more cancer fighting products and I remember how sick I used to get..Tim had to take me to the hospital 3 out of 4 times after the adriamycin/cytoxan combo.

The key to this, is the phrase SOME DAYS.
Most of the time, I ignore it. These last few weeks though, it really gets to me. Maybe it is because it is the same time of the year I was literally fighting for my life. Maybe it is because the word cure is still a word and not a reality. Maybe because my Dad died in October, 22 years ago, ending his fight with lymphoma..

I am not against any of you wearing a pink ribbon. I won't get mad at you. I bought some pink m&m's one time to "remember" my friend's battle with cancer. I'm still not sure how it helped her, but I sure did like them!! I have some pink things too. I don a purple shirt with the words SURVIVOR on the back. It's just the marketing hype being used to sell products that bugs me..

I'm getting off of my pink, little soap box.

I leave Friday afternoon to fly fish on the Pere Marquette River..FISH ON!!!
Pray for Tim while he tends the family in my absence.

And yes Mom, I WILL have a cooler!!

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

So glad you got to go to the Renaissance Festival! Everyone should try to go at least once. I went many, many years ago. Sounds like you got some special treatment. A blessing, indeed! What was the wife's show?

Maybe you told us about your former pastors move because you are pleased that they will be near their family. (even though they will miss their church family)

The profit made on PINK is very frustrating, but I'm sure many of us need to be reminded. Hopefully it will help some. Some may even see their doctor because of the reminder.

Dress warm, it's going to be chilly. Have a wonderful time. Tim and the kids will be fine.
Catch lots of fish! ;-)

LOve and Blessings!

Linda said...


Linda said...

HUH!! Who's to know about the ins and outs of computers!! I've been trying to post for your last three entries without success, but it let me "test"! We'll see if this one goes through....

Congratulations on the car, the cute haircut, the fair, and all the other wonderful things going on for your family!

And sympathies for your memories of your dear Daddy. and for your frustrations with the pink campaign--I hope a lot of money goes to cancer research, not to the products' coffers.

I had to giggle at your first attempt to get your rod set up--sounds SO familiar! I bet you're MUCH better at it now! Have you been practicing your casting so you can amaze and astound the wonderful people you'll re-connect with at the retreat?

I want to hear all about your weekend!

Tight lines and fish on!

love, Linda