Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cow girls!!

My girls...
They each received new, fuzzy, cozy robes for Christmas.
Their desire for cowboy hats are genetically passed down from their Daddy..
The ropin' steer head is meant to be stuck into a bale of straw--since I don't want that in my living room, Daddy taped it to the piano bench instead..(sorry Miss Ruth!!)
So they swing it and swing it and swing it and it's a throw that goes over the steer's head!
Teresa is really, truly good! Rachel is too! A friend was over last week and gave them a few ropin' pointers.

Christmas was different..Nathan had to work from 7-3:30, so had a strange day without him.
Don't get me wrong, it was good, but just different.
The girls and I played in the 3 plus feet of snow we had(it was 5o today) and made an awesome run down the big hill behind the shop. We ate eggs for breakfast instead of the traditional cinnamon rolls. I skied 3 miles and it felt great the first 2/3 but the last 1/3 I felt spent...
Tim had to plow the driveway, and Hannah caught a couple pictures of him while he was doing it. He was very snow covered when it was all finished! But we all had a lot of fun playing on the big pile of snow that he made... The other pic is the four kids after Nathan finally got home, all ready to get on with the day!!!

I feel so blessed these days..
We are watching our traditional It's a Wonderful Life, so I must go. I love this movie!!!

He is faithful,


Waitingfaithfully said...

Love the new pictures, especially your beautiful girls joined by their handsome big bother! The new robes are fuzzy sweetness.

Is there still ropin' going on in your living room? There are a couple of pint-sized "live ones", named Flit and Grinner, that run around my living room . . . if the girls want to head West for some practice! :)

Happy New Year friend!



Arthur Sido said...

Hey I wondered who the homeless guy was in your picture and then realized it was Nathan!