Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've discovered the joy of dancing in my kitchen again. It's been a long time--truly. My kids think I'm nutso, but that's ok. I figure the mental image they behold in their adulthood will heal them of this initial trauma. Oddly enough, Tim likes it. (hey--we are married you know!)

Hannah has some pretty wild stuff on her ipod but I did find some music I like the other day.

Does anyone remember Queen? This group, Downhere, has a CD called Ending is Beginning and the song is The Last Amen. I think they sound like Queen, Nathan thinks I'm extra over the top.

Other news, I see a new primary Dr this Thursday.(my previous Dr retired) I am pretty nervous. He is a D.O. and known for his tell it like it is attitude. I am still experiencing stomach pain and it's been long enough..so pray he will start the process of finding out what's going on. I was on a strong anti-acid drug for about a month and it took the edge off, but something is still going on in there. My appointment is at 3 pm. I have this feeling it will be CAT scan time with the lovely barium raspberry flavored liquid, steroids and benedryl for a strong, hyper, wall slamming, feeling. (I'm allergic to the contrast dye) I hope I'm wrong.

More news, we test for red with stripe belt on Friday February 6. Our official master will be there and we've never tested with his presence before. He is like 6 belts ahead of us..He is also known for his cut and dry, get it done, I don't want ANY mistakes attitude. I want this SO BADLY , I cannot even put it into words. Please pray I will have confidence in what I've learned and execute the katas with as much power and strength as I can. Please pray the tamoxifen will not affect my ability to recall what I know. Teresa, Nathan and Rachel are also testing. We test in pairs in front of the whole group. IT'S CRAZY!

If we pass, it is black belt testing time in August!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your prayers. I can tell when people are praying.

In the meantime, I'll be dancin in my kitchen.

He is faithful,

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Sarah said...

I like dancin' in kitchens! So glad you have rediscovered it.
You have my prayers, both for the doctor and the red with stripe test.

I go to visit Laura and family on the 5th till 19th.

Love you all!!
Blessings, Mom ;-)