Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cancer cannot take..

I was standing at the counter, giving out pertinent info for the lady and I noticed a sheet of paper, stuck on the wall that had that poem titled, "Cancer cannot take." It cannot take my soul, my courage, etc. The last line said the greatest enemy of one fighting cancer is despair.
I concur. I have felt it's blows..so has Steve.

My brother did not receive good news last week. I have taken so long to post because I am still reeling...when they did surgery last December, the Dr removed some muscle. Gave it clear margins. Also some lymph nodes, and some were positive.. In just two months, the nasty cells have filled the place where the muscle was removed.... They call it a tumor now.
He has a consult with the Dr on this Thursday at 1:30 Cryo surgery is possibly an option; they freeze the tumor, killing it. He is facing chemotherapy again, but this time, can get it right in the town he lives in. The hospital is two minutes away. Praise God for that blessing.
He is chomping at the bit to get it out of his body. I remember that feeling so well.. to know something hideous is multiplying in your body is frightening. It also makes you angry in an "ok, you ugly thing that's in my body--you are NOT staying here!" way.

Our whole family stopped by to see them this weekend. We went to Kalamazoo to the Air Zoo for Hannah's early 17th birthday gift. On the way home Sunday, we stopped in Carson City..
Steve is fighting--he is not giving up by any means. I am so proud of him! He is strong in his faith and he is doing all he can to prevent this wicked disease from spreading..he is taking all types of supplements trying to boost his immune system for chemo.

Every single one of my kids prayed for him, outloud. It was one of those moments as a mom where you see and hear a little of the labors you have put forth, producing fruit..thank You Lord...

Pray that Steve will know God's comfort. Pray he will stay strong in his faith, that he will tell his mind the truth of God's Word. Pray against despair.
Pray for their whole family.
Pray for his healing.
Pray for the Dr to have wisdom this Thursday.
Pray they will act quickly!

I want so much to say more. I cannot find the words. I am so thankful God knows them before they fall out of my mouth or onto the keyboard..

Hannah turns 17 this Friday...wow!

Will write more later..

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

We love you both! Will have the ladies at Military Ave pray before we go home. Peace, comfort, God's wisdom for the doctors, in Jesus' name, Amen!!!!

Waitingfaithfully said...


I have read and reread this post several times since you posted it . . . I keep asking the Lord for something, anything, encouraging to say . . .

I AM PRAYING. For healing. For God to halt the cancer in its tracks, and then to take every cancerous cell away. For comfort, and strength for Steve and Amy, their boys, your mom, and for you and your sweet family. Praying that the appointment went well today.

I was listening to a song on the radio this morning, and now I can't remember the whole song, but part of it said, "He (the Lord) knows the depths of despair." Jesus knew the depths of despair. He knows our depths of despair. What do people do who don't have the hope of Jesus to cling to? Praying that Steve will continue to hold on to the hope that is found in Him, and that at the mention of the mighty name of Jesus, "despair" will flee! Praying that Steve and Amy will feel His strong and loving arms around them, holding them UP, as they fight this battle.

What a joy to know that all of your kids prayed over their uncle, Bonnie. The fruits of your labor.

Please know that I am praying . . .

Blessings to you friend,