Sunday, March 8, 2009

Airplane Zoo Birthday Fly In

"This is a dumb zoo," the little boy uttered, "Where's the animals?"
To celebrate Hannah's 17th birthday, we were ALL able to go to Kalamazoo and walk through the Air Zoo. Tim took the pics--he was there. His highlight, being able to sit in a "jug" otherwise known as a P-47. The man who assisted everyone in and out of the cockpit, actually flew them in WWII. Wow. It is huge!! Nathan's highlight was to be able to reach up and touch a SR-71, the fastest plane ever! He was giddy! Teresa's highlight: the bouncy rubber ball with a picture of a plane INSIDE the ball. Rachel's highlight: walking through the clouds on the way into the museum. Hannah's highlight: everything! She loved it all! She was able to sit in 3 WWII planes and was absolutely thrilled. My highlight: watching my family all day and watching my husband shake hands with the WWII veterans and thank them for serving our country. Almost made me cry!

The weekend was wonderful . We stayed in the best ever hotel in Battle Creek with my best friend. I've know her since 1994. We laughed together, especially when all of the Zowada's got on their wii fit and found out how in shape/out of shape they were! How humbling!
Best part of the weekend for me was being able to worship the Lord with my best girlfriend standing next to me...she has been there for me. She is truly a friend that "loves at all times."
I can count on her to pray. We have spent many moments on our knees, praying for each other while on the phone..we have to still hide from our kids to be able to get any peace and quiet, but soon those days will be over!

Steve update: Wednesday, March 18th, he undergoes cryosurgery at Karmonos Cancer Institute in Detroit. Mom and I are both going to be there--Lord willing the weather permits and our bodies stay well. His Dr., Peter Littrup, is a miracle--he survived a rupture of his aorta! If you google his name, you can read his story. Pretty amazing.
The neat thing about that, is this guy knows what it is like to be wondering if you will see your children grow up. It has given him a compassion for his patients, and Steve and Mom both felt it when they were in his office. His speciality is this cryosurgery stuff and he will be attending a conference this week and specifically discussing Steve's case with other Drs. He told Steve that he has had a 90% success rate with these surgeries. That sure sounds encouraging doesn't it??
After the surgery, which is noninvasive and an outpatient basis, he will be starting chemo.

Other random thoughts: I need a haircut! I have been in the book of Philippians lately. I want to know Christ beats in my heart stronger and harder.
I gave up diet coke..
Tamoxifen makes it hard to think and concentrate and is giving me someone else's legs. I am trying to walk them back into being my "old" legs, but so far, it's not working.................
The girls had a run off stream of melted snow they dubbed "the Nile River" in the back yard.
Hannah received almost 5 pounds of Skittles for her birthday!!!
I made two poppy seed cakes because Tim's Mom came up and forgot to put shortening in one of them. What did I do? I snatched the pans out of the oven after 3 minutes, dumped the batter back into the bowl and added the shortening!!
Hannah won 1,000 tickets at the arcade after putt putt golfing last night! !!! It took 5 minutes for the machine to spit them out!!
Tim and the girls tapped the trees in yard for sap today. It was running well!
We have gotten over 9 inches of snow since 7pm!!

Time for bed.

God loves you.

He is also very faithful,


Arthur Sido said...

Karmonos is amazing, when Eva had her second surgery for her thyroid cancer it was a world different than the first hospital she went to.

Bonnie said...

I did not realize your precious wife has had cancer
I am glad to hear of the good report.