Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr appointment results

I have been having this recurring hip pain and great fatigue. I called my oncologist and they got me in today. I gave my blood and went and visited ladies in infusion, my surgeon's office(got a BIG hug and kiss there from my favorite nurse!) and saw the awesome women that work in oncology. They really are an incredible group of people.

My oncologist is awesome too!! She is taking me off of tamoxifen until the end of May; she wants to see if my symptoms are relieved! If it wasn't for my sitter downer hurting while I heard her say that, I would've jumped for joy! She said the tamoxifen should not be the cause of my hip pain, but sometimes, she said, lack of estrogen can make your joints hurt.. she is also ordering a bone scan as soon as possible to rule out the obvious. She only had preliminary cbc results for my blood work, which were all normal. She told me as I was walking down the hall, if there WAS cancer in my bones, it would show up in the blood work. That set my mind at ease a little...

I am at peace. I really am. Some moments, I have this anxiety and fear build up, but I smash it in the face with the Word of God.

Tim was with me this afternoon. He says, after she tells me to go off of it til the end of May, "Does that mean I'll get my wife back?"
Poor guy.

I will let you know when my scan is scheduled. It doesn't hurt --it just costs a lot.

Thank you for praying,

He is faithful,

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Yippee, Tamoxifcation is coming down. Thank you Lord for a reprieve! Praying that your hips stop hurting and that your sitter downer can jump for joy anytime it wants!

Continuing to lift you up to the Great Physician, and Steve too.

Love you friend~