Saturday, April 11, 2009

God's grace

My brother called today!! It was so heartwarming to hear his voice. He is still in the hospital. The colonoscopy went well; he told me that the spot where the bleed had occurred had "healed itself." Thank You Lord for helping, healing and bringing strength back to my brother's body.
He may possibly be able to go home Sunday (tomorrow)

Thank you for praying.

Monday, he sees the oncologist again. They need to discuss chemo--I do not know for certain if the big bleed was due to the new drugs or not. So please pray for wisdom as they meet the Dr Monday. He was supposed to have his 3rd out of 4th treatment Tuesday..

I know it all gets confusing. Imagine living it. Life takes on a different hue when you are walking through it.

We all sat around the table tonight. All of us. I read from the four gospels about the resurrection. Teresa whizzed through one of her homeschool notebooks and starts reading, out loud, a report she had written on Patrick Henry. Rachel sat next to me, because her stomach hurts. This is a new thing for her--after every meal, her tummy hurts. Can anyone(Drs) tell me why? Nope. I've tried ginger, I've tried tums, I've prayed with her many, many times, but she still hurts. Nathan was watching his Dad put new strings on his new banjo. Tim was in the "I'm putting new strings on the banjo box" but he did manage to listen to me read. Some times he amazes me at his ability to multi task. Really. He is usually very focused on ONE thing. Hannah ate a salad, this is after 9pm mind you. Then she had more food-- for her body was running around madly this afternoon, chasing people and "killing" them with lasers, in a laser tag game with her youth group.

I walked 5 miles today. It felt pretty good, despite the arthritic knee. If I ice it down when I get back, it really helps.
The girls and I went on a little adventure today. Boyne City has this huge hill, and the view from the top is incredible, but you have to climb up a zillion stairs to see it! We did and had a blast. Huffy, puffy, yes, but fun nonetheless. I have lived here 12 years and never been up Avalanche Hill before. Glorious!!

I am grateful that Jesus did not stay in the grave.
I serve a risen Saviour!!!

He is faithful,

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Praising the Ultimate Physician that the bleed site "healed itself" . . . we know better don't we? Praying that Steve got to go home today, and for wisdom for the doctors in the coming week.

Good job on your "climb"! Whew!

Easter Blessings~

He is risen! He is risen indeed!