Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun without fireworks

Our dear friends came up and celebrated their first Independence Day parade in Petoskey!
My beautiful daughters and my precious mom--guy on the right????
GO RELAY! JULY 18-19 check it out at

Rachel made this T shirt for me! Isn't it great?!


Friends that come and share the 4th with us.
Friends that eat this weird torte I made AFTER I rinsed the little bitty ants off!
Torte that tastes alright anyhow.
Friends that I can sit down and have coffee with and know they don't mind my bed head.
Stuffing 2,500 bags for our church to hand out during the parade.
Finishing one steps for our black belt testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah's new kitten racing lickety split across the living room floor.
Washing my "new" bug car and being able to reach across the roof.
"Buggin" it with Hannah today.
Worshiping You Lord, at church, next to a dear, dear friend.
Homemade waffles I didn't have to make.
Prayer with my husband when I am sad, angry and frustrated.
Cards in the mail that make me feel loved.
Clowns that make me smile. (you know who you are!)
The Word of God.
Hugs from my children.
Hugs from my husband.
Hot flashes when it's cold.

Keep praying.
Today was a difficult day.
Tim prayed with me and loved me through it. I am so grateful for my man. To all you men out there, love your wives!!!

Honey, I love you. You are God's gift to me.

He is faithful,

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a beautiful sun shiny day! Glad the friends could come, they always bring you joy.
Thanks from me to them!
Hannah's new kitten? Last I heard, that wasn't going to happen! Is this another Mittens?
Nice list of blessings! Good idea for all of us to do.
Love you lots!!!!