Sunday, October 18, 2009

25 years!!!

I'm standing next to Lake Superior, just west of Ontonogan, Michigan.

This is Gitchee Gumee, our cabin we honeymooned in, 25 years ago!!!

I found the guest book page I signed; 11-19---11-23-1984!!!

Tonight, the sunset was a testimony of God's grace and beauty. My heart is being renewed every second I am here. We got up very late, ate a great brunchy breakfast, walked the beach, drove around the happenin' town of Ontonogan, I went for a long walk, we had chicken noodle soup and Polish type sausages for dinner, and now we are enjoying a cheery fire.

I am so grateful for my man. My maverick. My gift from God to my heart. Thank You Lord! Thank you sweetheart, for 25 adventure packed years!


Sarah said...

Wait a minute! It's not fair to mess with this Mom's brain!!! I have enough trouble as it is! Seems to me it was Nov. 17, 1984, which means you are a month short of 25 years. - - - How nice that you get to celebrate early while the weather is still sort of ok. I remember some of your family was not happy with the date you chose.
Hunting season?! Memories are interesting - - I remember my Mom fixing a hem or something for one of the bridesmaids, don't remember who. She was always good with a needle and thread.
I remember Emil and I saw your car when we were on our way home.
Twenty five years!!! WOW!!!
God is Good!! You have been blessed
with four wonderful children and a continuing love for each other and Him. I am blessed to be your Mom!!

Kristine said...

Wow! 25 years! How neat to be able to stay in the same little cabin and see your entry in the guest book. Congrats!

Gayla said...

Congratulations to you both :)
God has indeed blessed you both - and it is apparent that being together is part of His plan.
love, me

Linda said...

Congratulations on your very eventful TWENTY-FIVE years!! WOOOHOOO!

We hit 13 this November 24--seems as though November is a good month to get married, huh!

Several years ago, we were at a B & B in Clio, CA, opened the guest book in our room--and there was an entry from Frank's parents, from several years before that.

Please tell your girls that they write good thank you notes and that I very much appreciate getting them.

love to you all--Linda