Monday, January 18, 2010

Another birthday!

5 of my greatest treasures...we love you Mom!
Getting ready ----the glasses are the newest tradition of our home! Thanks C!! The jar contains elderberry jam from the local Spoon Foods. Yum! Mom, do you still have the pie???
Crazy, that's what they are! I love them though.
This is our little veterinarian's doings. .....
Hannah's cat, Lindy, all cozy with the vet's robe!

Things still catch me by surprise. I was scrounging for an address the other day in my book and I find, Steve and Amy...I finally got around to getting a frame for my black belt certificate and when I hung it up, I put Steve's memorial card with it..he helped me so with confidence and all those push ups! I played his song, sent via cell phone, to Hannah last year, singing Happy Birthday with his sons, just so I could hear his voice...I keep thinking of the last time I got to see his face..
I am so grateful I will see him again. That I know where he is.What HOPE that brings my tatterey heart.
Thank You Jesus, that You are the resurrection and the LIFE.

Since I wrote last:
No more aromasin. Big decision. We spoke with Dr and discussed "quality of life." I've done the horrible nasty things--chemo, radiation... and I've suffered and so has my family for the last year on 3 different estrogen blocking drugs...but to feel awful and I mean awful and to BE awful for 5 years??? Do you know how many days that is??
I cannot begin to tell you how differently I feel--emotionally, physically and spiritually. WOW.
I can think. Reason. Count to 10 instead of 1.4 before I speak to my children...I can do algebra again--I mean really do it! I can read God's Word and actually understand it...

I know this is what I am supposed to do. I feel peace and confidence. If you have a different opinion, talk to God about me ok??

Pray for our wisdom as we look seriously into surgery for Hannah's knee. We saw a ortho doc in Lansing and he is rxing a tibial tubercle transfer. My sweet daughter has already watched a video on youtube of the surgery! Me--no way.
We're looking at 4 weeks of no weight bearing after surgery and about 4 months total, rehab. So if we do it, we're looking at early summer.
It's a big deal but she has suffered for so long with pain. This just might be the solution we've been praying for..

She says she can give you all a picture so you can "see what it looks like" but I think some of you would empty the contents of your stomachs!!

11 moments/people to be grateful for:

1. A family that drives up to visit yesterday and brings the BEST chocolate cake!!!
2. A husband who turns on the electric blanket and the space heater in our bedroom way before bedtime..
3. Daughters who make pizza after a very long day.
4. Mom--she is a blessing to have here in our back yard..(in a house...)
5. Another birthday she can share with us.
6. Walks with the dogs down the dirt road again.
7. Paychecks with my name on them!
8. Our small group--what a loving group of people!
9. Children who pray.
10. Hearing other people at church pray...
11. Jesus..

He is faithful,

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