Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Trekking up the hill with my nifty snowshoes, I watch the dogs. They sniff. They run. They play bite each others faces with scary teeth. If you look real close, at the top of the picture is the last power pole--I can make it to the top now without stopping...
Tonight though,I was spent. My legs burned and I felt like I had nothing left. Please pray for strength for my body...I dont' know what's going on, but lately, I feel like I am running on empty.

As I trudged up to the top of our hill I pondered today.
I spent some time in the infusion center!
At the hospital. With Teresa. And a piano.


My sweetheart daughter was asked to volunteer her piano playing ability for the cancer patients at the infusion center. She and another friend are going to play, for one hour, once a month. One of my dear homeschooling friends came up with the idea and bounced it off of me, and I told her to she had a marvelous, generous, servant hearted plan!

This morning, I was blessed beyond words. My daughter, my flesh and blood, was playing so beautifully! There were a handful of patients and some of them told us on their way out how they loved hearing them play. Their eyes spoke more than their words.. I had to hold in the tears.

When I got to the top of the hill this afternoon, I was thinking about all that has happened to me, to my family. God is good. God is faithful. God loves me, my children, my husband, my family... When I observed Teresa this morning, flitting around like a little butterfly, in the infusion center, where her mommy used to go, I knew God was and still continues to be, my very present help.

Oh God, thank You....
Please help me to trust You with all my heart...

You are faithful,


Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh friend, He is faithful. What a very long way you have come. What precious music to your ears your sweet Teresa's notes must have been . . . filling the same room that held so many tough memories for you . . . with beautiful melodies. Blessing hearts, including her mama's.

He truly continues to be your very present help. May He give you strength. Keep trusting, He is faithful.

Love from Texas ~


Sarah said...

How cool to have Teresa and her friend play the piano for the patients.
-A little catch-up, loved the Christmas pictures! Tell Binga that I got a blanket, too. Daniel and his girlfriend, Amber made it. Rozanne found some "Red Hat" fleese at a Salvation Army Store. Sure is nice and warm!!
-I'm sorry you are so tired - - I know how that feels. I blame mine on Lyme. Will continue to pray for renewed strength. (for all of us.)
You are loved with an everlasting love! Praise His Holy Name!!!