Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Help of Your presence

I'm better. Honest. I am working through some painful things and had a breakthrough in church Sunday.. I ended up at the altar, on my knees, sobbing...I gave my Heavenly Daddy the hurt and despair and He replaced it with Himself. Just like the Psalm I am memorizing says, "Hope in God for I shall again praise Him ---WHY?--for the help of His presence."
So often I blip over those statements in the Word of God and think to myself, "Hope in God for I shall again praise Him when my circumstances get better. OR When my grief isn't so in my face..OR "when life gets better..."

Nope. It doesn't say that. It says, "for the help of His presence."
Thank You Lord for Your willing presence in my life. You are enough.
You are faithful,

Quotation of the day:
"You can give without loving but you cannot love, without giving."
A. Carmichael

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