Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Hannie Girl

You have always had my heart dear daughter..Obviously, I hold the moment I laid eyes on you, in my treasury of memories, in the category, MOST PRECIOUS. As you grew, your love for me, your Daddy and brother was sweet. You loved going to the library and you shook with glee as you saw your picture on the library's wall of fame that summer...
My present every Christmas will always be you...
The first ever triple decker Poppy Seed Cake at the Zowada home! Happy 18th birthday dear daughter! The time flew..
Such a woman of beauty you have become, inside and out. Your Daddy and I got you a brand, spankin', new Bible, with your name on the front...Hannah Michelle Zowada. Our baby, now an adult! Thank you for loving the Word of God my dear. I pray you will hunt and sift for treasures it contains..
You are such a good sport!
I find great comfort in knowing that God will never leave you, nor forsake you. He loves you dearly Hannah. He loves how you are brave, how you serve Him, how you love a challenge, how you cry out to Him, how you pray--He just loves YOU! You are a precious daughter of the Most High dear one. Remember all He has done and take courage in all He will do. Crave His Word, seek His face and trust Him with all your heart.
Remember the long walk we took that day? God is so awesome! I love you darling daughter..Happy 18th birthday honey!
You look like your Daddy--that is a good thing! He loves you and is so very proud of you..
There she goes Lord!!!. My very brave girl! I pray You will continue to reveal Your great love to my daughter. You have a plan for her and I trust You. She loves You Father..I pray she will trust You with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength. I pray she seeks You for wisdom. I pray she runs to You when she is hurting...I pray she will know You more and more.
As she takes leaps of faith, I pray she will know Your presence and Your peace..

Thank You for my Hannie girl...she is a gift from Your loving hands to our grateful hearts..

He is faithful,
the proud parent of an 18 year old daughter!

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