Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"There's a dawning recognition of the significance of this, both on policy and political grounds," White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said. "At a certain point, winning is winning."

You know me. I am not "political" in my posts. Usually. The comment above says it all concerning the push to give me what I do not want--"free" health care. It seems to me in my opinion, this whole debacle has been more about winning than anything else. I have told you all in the past about the health care ministry/sharing group we are part of. I have told you it works. We are debt free. Over $100,000 of bills, paid for.

I believe I should have the
choice-- to do what I want with health care for me, for my husband, for my children.
Does this sound familiar? It's the platform for abortion--- for slogans like- it's my body, my choice. Or some would say, I don't believe in abortion but I think women should have a right to choose.
Now, I get my choice taken away for my own healthcare but I get to pay for a woman's right to choose..(it's in the bill people). I believe that is wrong. It makes me very angry!! We are all losing, big time, to a government that is more concerned about power and prestige than people.

Like Mr. White House Chief of Staff said, "At a certain point, winning is winning."
God have mercy on us....

Other non political notes:

*Hannah's knee surgery is set for Monday May 17th at Ingham Medical Center in Lansing. Time 1:30 pm. Please pray for her and her parents as we walk towards this expecting the surgery to make her knee better.

*Petoskey's Northmen basketball team lost in OT last night, to Muskegon Heights--by a basket at the buzzer...(regional game) A heartbreaker to be certain but I am very proud of them!!

*I got a cortisone injection Monday for my knee---please, please pray it helps for a long while.
I only do this when I cannot take it anymore....I have "severe" arthritis and three nasty looking bone spurs. Dr. prefers I wait till I'm older b/c the replacements only last 15 years or so. I'm thinking I may need to pursue it sooner than later...

* Things are coming up in my brother's memory is going to be good to get into it this spring and make it beautiful. Plans on the docket are: a handmade birdbath by the girls and I. Got the idea from Birds and Blooms magazine. Thanks Aunt Gayla!!!!

*Spring cleaning has been weird this year. We usually do it in a series of days, but it has been spread out a lot and I have 3 big rooms left and Passover is next Tuesday! AHHHH!
Anyone want to come help???

*I saw my first Robin last week! They are cheery harbingers of spring..

*I am recovering from a horrible flu bug...never knew one could vomit that many times in 8 hours...

*Girls have two weeks remaining until their play, A Letter of Introduction. I'm so proud of them. It is running April 9, and 10. If you want tickets, call or email me.

*While I was sick yesterday, my daughters did school on their own, made cookies and worked with their horses outside. I am very blessed indeed..My husband treated me with such love and compassion..I am doubly blessed...

Must go..

He is faithful,

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