Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Mom's heart

A revisit of what or should I say, where, play week was the car....on the stage..
My two beauties, in their glorious garb..aren't they gorgeous??
Easter pics I was promising..just turn your head a little..sorry-they were the right way earlier.
I'm too tired to figure out how to fix them...I love my kids and my mom
And my sweetheart...
And my mom...remember I had asked you to pray for her a while ago? Well, we've found out she has a "sticky" heart valve-- if you want the medical term it's "severe stenosis of the aortic valve." That just means it's hard and sticky and doesn't flutter open like a normal valve should.
This Tuesday, she goes in for a heart catherization/angiogram. The Dr needs to check the valve with the doo dad they thread up into her heart. We watched a DVD at the cardiologist's office Friday, to show us what happens with this procedure and it is amazing! They thread the catheter up into the heart, from the femoral artery(in your groin area) and then they inject dye, which allows the Dr to see the heart in action on his little TV screen. Then they can measure precisely what is needed to measure..
She is awake, with only a local and some happy juice, so they can have her cough or whatever else they need her to do. (tell stories maybe?)

I will keep you all posted with my next few blogs but please, please, please, pray for my Mom..
She has been through so much...I find myself wanting to sheild her from any more hardship..

Pray for wisdom, peace and strength as we trust God over the next few days and moments.

He is a very present help in times of trouble,

P.S. Sorry about the topsy turvy pics...

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