Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of Control

I do have a gorgeous family photo from Easter Sunday, but I am still lacking in the skill required to get it off of Tim's camera and then magically have it appear here. It will be here soon. Honest.

It's my eating habits. I start out each day with a desire to eat well; all the right things, from the right level of the food pyramid, and as organic as our budget will allow. I know most of the mechanics behind losing weight--I've been on diets galore. Always gained "it" back. I am a size 14 now--which if I compare it to people bigger than me, it's not bad. But it is not where I am comfortable and not where my knee is happy either.

I feel out of control--I desperately want to drop 25 pounds. Since my diagnosis, I have gained. Most women do because of the steroids and the nasty hormone therapy. I realize this is no excuse but it is incredibly frustrating!!

So I'm putting this "out there" to all of you readers---I desire to lose the pounds and I can only do this if I keep my eyes on Christ and not on the frig!! I need to stop eating SO MUCH and control my desires!! I get enough exercise but I eat up all the calories put out--which defeats the whole purpose you know???

Would you please pray for me?? I need strength to say no to food. I want to lose the weight for the benefit of my knee as well. It has been very, very painful these past few months. I figure the less it has to bear, the less it will complain.

Thanks for your prayers--
Please keep them coming..

He is faithful,

P.S. More to come---I have a serious request concerning my Mom, will share later, but please pray for her--for peace to guard her heart and her mind. Thanks...

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