Thursday, April 8, 2010

Play week

Wow...T and R are part of a drama group called The Purity Ring. This Friday and Saturday are their performances. All this week, we have been back and forth to Harbor Springs, where the play is being held. It's about a 20-25 minute drive from here. Exhausting yes. More gas, yep.
Bigger food intake--oh my!! (my girls that is)

However, the blessings have outweighed the travel, crazy, hassle, factor by far.
Hannah has had her spring break this week. She decided to help backstage, to "love on her sisters." She has also been able to bring them home, since she is already there helping with the stage stuff. We were able to get in a shopping trip to Gaylord earlier this week(even though I do not like shopping..) and my daughter bought me an outfit! For Mother's Day she said! I was blessed by her generous heart and actions!

A few mornings back, I was buried in my covers and I can hear Hannah, curling Teresa's hair.
I do not do hair. Nor do I sew. I don't like shopping much,(for myself) unless I'm at my 25 pound weight loss goal, THEN, I will like shopping!!
I hear them talking and laughing. I fall back asleep. Then I hear Teresa reading, and to my delight, she is reading the Bible to her sister, while she is having her hair done! I can hear her asking Hannah questions and Hannah, very patiently answering them.
Something marvelous happens in the heart and soul of a mother, when she hears those moments...
Thank You Lord, for helping me to be able to hear those precious words, soaking through my bedroom wall, into my heart.

Then I sit and watch my daughters in their play...they smile and act all grown up..they sport hair styles I have ever only seen in magazines and wear dresses made by other incredibly talented moms. They sing .....I marvel that they bear their daddy's smile so well. Here is the closing hymn they all sing SO BEAUTIFULLY....and I cry, every, single time...

He lead-eth me, O blessed thought,
O words with heav'n-ly comfort fraught,
What -e'er I do, wher-e'er I be,
Still tis God's hand that lead-eth me.

He lead-eth me, He lead-eth me,
by His own hand, He lead-eth me.
His faithful follower, I would be, for by His hand,
He lead-eth me..

And when my task on earth is done,
When, by Thy grace, the vic-t'rys won,
E'en death's cold wave I will not flee,
Since God thro' Jor-dan lead-eth me.

( He Leadeth Me, by Joseph Gilmore)

Amen and amen...
Thank You Lord for play week. It's crazy busy but it's been good.
I am humbled beyond words that You use such amazing, funny, smart, sweet, young people for Your glory--and some of them belong to me....

Thank You for helping my mommy's heart to see and understand, that You are truly leading my daughters and son.

You are faithful,

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