Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do not let your heart be..

I kept saying that over and over again yesterday. While we drove down.
"Bonnie, do not let your heart be troubled.." When we arrived with Hannah at the hospital(she signed in herself because she is 18!) Hmph!!
"Dear heart, do not let your heart be troubled."
When I had to wait and wait and wait for the surgeon to come down the hall to tell us how things went. "Oh Jesus, You tell me not to let my heart be troubled--help me! "
He did. God is so faithful.
When I kept my heart fixed on Christ, I was alright. At one point, I am sitting with my head in my hands, waiting..I feel hands on me pulling me up and it was my best-est girlfriend from the hinterlands of Battle Creek, there to wait with m!!! Our dear friends Doc and Jan Tinning also came to keep Tim and I company. God knew who we needed...Thank You Lord for friends..

The Word of God is sufficient in all things. Surgeries. Life. Daily life. Exhaustion.

Hannah is home and doing as well as one can be with two screws in one's tibia. Ouch.
She is taking some good stuff for the pain and as long as we stay on top of it, we are alright.
The Dr said it went well and he thinks the surgery will really help her. He is such a nice, down to earth, non snobby Dr. We are grateful for him and his talents.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep praying though, she is in tremendous pain. I read a Psalm to her this morning and prayed with her..I am proud of how she is handling all of this..not proud in a braggy way, but proud because I see her turning to the Lord..I can see my daughter, in pain, trusting God..

Thank You Lord for being our very present help in trouble yesterday and today-
And all of our tomorrows.

You are faithful,

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