Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Back

Well I'm 49 years young now...much of my birthday was spent attending a funeral. Birth and death juxtaposed into one day...
One of the families in our drama group was grieving the loss of their daddy and was heart wrenching, sad and horrible to witness their pain. It took me back to the day of my brother's memorial service and how awful it was. Your mind knows the truth-- that he is no longer here, that cold body is simply a shell, and it remembers you will see him again, in Heaven, because of what Jesus has done. STILL, it is like a blow torch to your soul and your spirit.

I heard a woman, now a widow, whisper in my ear, "please pray" when I hugged her. I sat on the lawn, cradled in the shade of an old cottonwood tree, straining my ears to hear the pastor's eulogy.
He gave me hope, not answers.
He turned me to God's Word, not man's empty slogans.
He simply spoke of a life well lived before others and God.
The deceased man's daughter played a piano piece, which she introduced herself. She told us a few weeks earlier her Dad had listened to her practice it and wistfully said to her, "some day I'd like it if you'd play that at my funeral.."
Oh my...

I think going to a funeral on my birthday turned out to be alright. I was reminded once more, that God is sovereign, He holds my days in His hands and He is good, faithful and loves me.

Hannah's knee is healing well. If you go to her facebook, you can see her new hardware! She is off crutches now and hobbling around stiffed legged with her mongo brace. Hopefully, she can go back to work in about 4 weeks. No driving yet...Her attitude amazes me---not much complaining. Her knee feels better!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

Rachel is hoping to land a job at a local equestrain place. She babysits for a family about 5 miles from here, once a week. She is such a help to me each day! She loves her horse Ollie and spends a lot of time out with him. She is a good horsewoman--quite talented like her cousin in FL.

Teresa draws, paints and creates things with her pencil I can only hope for. Guess what she is doing at this moment? Yep. Drawing.

Nathan has been with us the last few days as he waits to move into his new house. It is about 7 miles from here, out in the country. He moves in Friday. Work is long these days, he is now working 12 hour shifts...ugh.

This afternoon, Tim and I are leaving for North Carolina for a "razor convention." It is being held at a Baptist church in Asheville. Nobody better misbehave!! We are on another adventure. Hopefully home Monday--it's been a while since we've been through Knoxville. Neither of us have been to North Carolina, it will be fun to explore together. Our lives have been too busy...God knew we needed this time together. Sorry Bruce--I put out one of Tim's Hart Steel guys when I finally decided to come!!

We must vamoose!!

Blessings to each of you---savor each day. God loves you more than you will ever know with your finite mind...

He is faithful,

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