Thursday, July 1, 2010

God is at work

I admit am very impatient. I pray and pray and pray these days--- I wholeheartedly want God to DO something! I think I am content with leaving people in God's capable, able hands, but the reality of my heart screams" DO SOMETHING GOD!!"

I have to be at the place where prayer leaves me waiting on God and His immortal attributes, not His performance.


As though God was telling me "Dear one, I AM doing something" I heard this quotation yesterday:

"In every situation in our lives, God is always doing a thousand different things that we cannot see and do not know." J. Piper

No, it's not the inerrant Word of God but a powerful quotation nonetheless.
It speaks to the sheer vastness of God--He is infinite, I am a "vapor."
Hearing it reminded me of the fact that God is at work in the lives of those I care for and love. He is "doing something" and I need to rest in what my eyes cannot see and what my heart cannot understand. I think that's what faith is...

You are faithful,

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