Monday, July 12, 2010

Joni's heart

Oh my...I love to read of real people, like me, who are going through breast cancer and crying out to God but still being real. I'm not boasting honest...just being---real.

You have got to read Joni's entry for today, July 12, 2010. She has just had surgery 2 weeks ago and now knows she has stage 2 breast cancer with lymph nodes involvement.

You will be blessed. I sure was..

Here's the link :

Updates on the Zowada front:
*Hannah has last Dr appointment tomorrow for her knee...pray she can lose the brace and get behind the wheel of her car!

*Hannah and I went to a college in the U.P. last week, to check out a physical therapy assistant course. It is 6 hours of driving, one way, no matter what. Please pray for Tim and I and Hannah obviously, to have God's wisdom and heed His direction.
If she does attend, it will be fall of 2011. She has one more year here at NCMC.

*Tim's razor making is still going strong...thank You Lord for Your provision.

*Rachel went to a Christian camp as a "technician" which is a nice name for servant, dishwasher, etc etc. She had so much fun!

*Heidi the horse has done much better with Teresa these past few days. Teresa is gaining confidence and Heidi is losing her "tude."

*I had a wonderful time on the Pere Marqeuette River this past Saturday!! I went to a reunion retreat with Reeling and Healing. I had a guide take me and another cancer survivor down the river in his trusty drift boat--only a 1 1/2 draft(how deep it sits in the water) -and seats for two fisherwomen, one of us in the front, and the other in the back. He "drove" from the middle. (oars) He was so good at what he did!!! He even brought a little gas grill and made us a gourmet meal out in the river; he set up the grill, brought all the yummy treats and we sat on this little island, on a blanket, with our feet hanging in the water, with real plates and untensils and oh wow--it tasted absolutely fantastic!! Nope, it wasn't fish--the river is a "no kill zone." I felt like such a pampered girl when we were done with the day!!! I did not "land" a trout, but had a blast, learned more about fly fishing and made a new friend. I came home exhausted, more brown and absolutely thrilled with my adventure!! Thank You Lord and thank you people at Reeling and Healing!! You guys/gals rock!!

*The HOPE garden is coming along. Need to get some mulch in and get an arbor up, to kind of grace the entry way. Mom was sitting out there this morning, soaking it in...the hummers are busy entertaining her and the cat! We have a jenny wren that makes such a fuss when our kitty is out there--boy, does she tweet her little feathers off!! The jenny wren decided the blue bird house was much to her liking...but we have a pair of bluebirds too, so it's alright..

Must get to bed..

Pray for Joni and her husband Ken..

He is faithful,

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