Thursday, July 29, 2010

Consolations from God

Today I have to undergo a bone scan and a CAT scan. I saw my oncologist Monday, for my 6 month checkup and when she heard my "complaints" she wrote on her little pink Dr sheet, and ordered these two tests. Alarmed is a good word to describe her demeanor. I have learned to not read too much into her reactions, but to realize she is being a great Dr and checking things out. She did say I should be feeling good now, almost 3 years out--not having leg pain and all my fatigue. In all honesty, that alarmed me. My blood work was alright, but I am still waiting for the tumor marker tests to come back in..

Tim and I would covet your prayers over these next few days. We find out the results next Wednesday, August 4.

"I couldn't imagine going through this without Jesus Christ. You've just got to pray and trust that God's will--will be done. I really do feel blessed to have one more day. Wherever this journey takes us is where it takes us."

"The power of prayer is amazing. I really want God to be glorified through all this. I don't want it to look like I am bigger than what I'm going through, because I'm not."

Author of those quotations??

My little brother. A man who trusted God in the midst of trouble and I might add, did so, to the glory of God.

I found this article written about him, on the day his earthy shell was put to rest. I think it's neat I found it now, when I needed to see it again. That's a consolation, a help, a comfort, from God. Thank You Lord..

I'll close with this Scripture from Psalm 94:19

"When my anxieties multiply within me, Your consolation brings joy to my soul."

Oh that we would let the Word of God be our CAT scans, that we would allow it to diagnose our sin and our self induced troubles, that we would allow it to be the very medicine to heal our distresses and comfort us in our afflictions...O God, make me willing..

Please pray for us--for our daughters especially--

He is faithful,

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