Wednesday, September 22, 2010


20 years ago today, my brother and his wife, got married. I remember that day well. I remember exactly what Nathan wore and that he was not real thrilled about staying in the nursery during the ceremony--I was thrilled there was a nursery. Amy was gorgeous and Steve so handsome. I remember the limo ride to the reception and the look on my brother's face when he smiled at his wife...

Oh Jesus, help her she remembers, soothe her heart. You say You are near to the broken hearted. Let her know You are near..
I kissed my baby's head tonight, choking back the tears...11 years ago this very night, I was laboring HARD for Teresa to make her grand entrance..Tim and I had chosen to have her at home--and I would do it all over again because the part of my body that malfunctioned would have done so anywhere--hospital or no.(story for a later post of my home birth/ambulance ride to the hospital) I had made bread that day and got flour all over my whale-ish belly but I got it made! Two beautiful loaves!! We had a name all picked out for a boy. No girls names. We were convinced "it" was a boy. Joseph Robert was on his You must have chuckled Lord..

"I see her head, " my midwife announces..
"One more push honey.."
Pain, searing, burning, and relief..........oh Jesus thank You! It is over!!
I manage, "What is "it"?!"
I could tell she had a smile on her face as she spoke,"I'm not tellin', see for yourself!"
Before I could peek, Hannah blurts, "MOM it's a GIRL!!!"

I was joyfully shocked. Nathan, however, was quite disappointed. He was really banking on a Joseph Robert to play with. He loves Teresa Grace though, and they get along well.

Oh Jesus, help me to remember Your divine intervention that night...I nearly perished, leaving Tim with 4 children to raise by himself...thank You for saving my life. Thank You for the gift of children and Steve's family.
Thank You for memories; they are like dazzling jewels kept in my heart and mind, and they remind me of Your grace and mercy throughout my life.

I love You,

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