Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ollie the horse/ Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We had to move Ollie to greener pastures in August. He was losing too much weight and being on the bottom of the horse's order of conduct, even when there was hay, he'd get chased off it faster than he could flick his tail...poor horse..I wish I had a picture of him BEFORE because you would be amazed at the difference! His ribs stuck out miserably and his hips were sunken in..The vet was concerned about his liver failing; she thought that may be why he was so thin. We took her advice about him getting to another pasture with abundant green grass to munch. He has filled in nicely and looks healthy and acts like a colt! We prayed for that 22 year old horse and God has mercifully the girls and I went over for a visit and they groomed all the burdocks out of his fetlock and tail and loved on him big time. Thank God for friends with green pastures and horse trailers and the offer to have him live there until he gets fatter! Tim calls it the "fat farm." Thank You Lord for helping Ollie get healthier and answering our prayers!

This tree is about 1.75 miles from home, on my walking road. It reminds me of the maples we had in our yard when I was a child--people would stop and ask if they could take pictures they were so gorgeous. God is such a marvelous Creator!


Caleb and Chris' football team has won 3 games in a row!!! Way to go guys!!!! We are very proud of you!! GO EAGLES!!!

MSU beat Wisconson today! GO SPARTANS!!

Hannah was nominated for USA Today All Academic Team Scholarship by her chemistry prof.!!
Doesn't mean she has it yet, but what a blessing to be chosen and considered! We should know by the end of the year.

9 minutes. That's how long it took for Tim to sell one of his custom knives on the internet. He had taken it to his knifemaking seminar in NY, but no one bought it there. Today some guy snatched it up while he was on his ipad in an airport somewhere! Amazing.

Tim and I were able to get away a couple weekends ago, just for one night. Sometimes you just gotta run away from the world...

Mom's knee is doing well, her pain is nominal and she is getting around very well. Such a difference from the last time she had her other knee replaced, I am so very thankful for all your prayers. They helped tremendously.

God is healing my broken heart, bit by bit. I am amazed by His tenderness. He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I am doing a Bible study with our church, and one online and it amazes me how in sync they are. Thank You Father, for Your faithful, steadfast love towards me...

Bottom line, if you have not have a mammogram, GET ONE! Please. If I would have done so sooner, I may have been at a stage 2A or 2B, instead of 3A. There are all sorts of programs out there if money is an issue. Honest. Do not let money stop you from getting yourself checked out. You are worth it! And for goodness sakes, do not let the idea of having your self flattened like pancakes stop you either! It's not worse than childbirth--honest!!

Cat food. Baking soda. Bread. Pears. Carrots. M&M's. Fiber One Bars. Flour.
I could go on and on. The bag of cat food was almost entirely pink, with a big boast of how much money they donated to some ginormous breast cancer foundation for research. And you know what? I bought pink M&M's a few years back in honor of my friend, while she was fighting for her life. It didn't help her much that I can remember but it made me feel like I was doing something. Yea, I was munching candy..
It's as if these big companies are playing with our emotions. Couldn't the company simply give anyhow, without telling the whole world? Without trying to fatten their profits in the month of October??? Without plastering it all over a cat food bag????

It makes me a little crazy.

You want to help? Give local. The opportunities are there. I say this because I have been on the receiving end. It means more than seeing some pink ribbon on a banana sticker, when someone gives you a $50 gas card, and then pays for a month of electricity and gives your kids gifts at Christmas.(us in fall of 2007) Better yet, if you know someone actively fighting their cancer, make them dinner. Clean their home. Listen. Write a note of encouragement. If you are financially able, give them a gift card for a local grocery store. Take their kids for an afternoon. Sit with them during treatment. Trust me, it's better than eating pink M&M's! And your cat will not care if the bag holding their food is pink. Honest.

If you have to buy something with a pink ribbon on it this month, use it as an opportunity to pray for whoever you have in your life, fighting this dreadful disease. Be real. Be tangible. Be a friend.

Alright, my ranting is over.

He is ever faithful,

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